Stern Pro Circuit - starts in 2018

@hisokajp Just play at my level and you never have to worry about making the circuit finals :slight_smile:


My expectations for this are similar to that first IFPA World Championship we ran back in 2008. We’ll go as far down the list as possible to fill those 40 spots, and if that takes going down 100 . . . 200 . . . 300 spots, I think at some point we’ll be able to fill the field. My mom is personally excited about the short drive to the final if she makes the cut :slight_smile:

There were definitely talks about trying to use the Circuit Final to pump up a ‘new’ marquee event. The initial plan was to do it in Vegas and tie Circuit and Nationals to Pin-Masters. With the PAPA staff help we could double the number of tee times available for Pin-Masters and really blow that up.

Ultimately with Stern getting involved, staying in Chicago with them spearheading the logistics of the event location became part of the deal. I anticipate with the experience of the PAPA and IFPA staff both in the same area at the same time, we’ll figure SOMETHING out.

I’ve had the thought of doing the “World Series of Pinball” for a few years . . . a giant 4-player match player strike style tournament where every player gets 27 outs (strikes). 1st place gets you 0 outs, 2nd place gets you 1 out, 3rd place gets 2 outs, 4th place gets you 3 outs. Play until you hit 27 outs and you’re done. Last player standing wins.


So I’m pretty sure somewhere in the universe me even putting this out there just made my wife randomly angry at the thought of me wanting to start ANOTHER new event. Please do NOT mention this to her if you see her :slight_smile:


Would Stern get a similar bump from having this as a lead-up to Expo? That would make it just one trip to Chicago each year, and likely boost Expo’s attendance as well [looking at whom from the west coast hasn’t been to Expo lately].

The thing only I don’t like is that WPPR has the component of this formula. The tournament is now having to have the best players in the world show up to an event. Where we are located, we could have a 200 person tournament but because the top players in the world don’t want to travel to Canada, our tournaments are not worth as much and may never be considered for consideration because of that (Due to max participants cap in formula). I know it is tough love sure would be nice if it went by registered qualified players instead of WPPR… How do you get WPPR if top players don’t play in your region, you have to travel all the time like me. If a tournament can consistently demonstrate it can have 100+ people in it to me that is a major pinball tournament and should be considered.


@haugstrup. Um yeah. Matchplay needs this.

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This actually sounds like a fun tournament format and wouldn’t be hard to add to Match Play. @chuckwurt – you know what to do!


I hope there is a good supply of Pinball, Disco, Rawhide and Stampede in Chicago.

The PAPA crew have a decent number at their disposal, as does the Chicago collector community. We should be fine for quite a while :slight_smile:

FLR totally agrees with you and this has ruined his plan of having all 20 Stern Pro Circuit events be held at Modern Pinball :slight_smile:


Bwahahaha. I’ve been working on some ideas to setup an optional prize pool fee, payable via pre registration. Just glad I’ve had a long time to think about it

Increase the finals play to best of 7. Best of 5 is another option with a win by two rule. Best of three is extremely light for a pro circuit final that’s looking for sponsors. In addition, live broadcasts should be of great quality for the finals. Can it be assumed that additional prizes and money will be available as additional sponsors check in? If there will be additional prizes and money, updated info should be posted. Preferably on a dedicated site and not Facebook.

It’s not JUST a best-of-three. It’s exactly the same as the current PAPA Circuit with the multiple match play rounds, ladder round and THEN the final.

There will certainly be attention given to the broadcasts. Feel free to google some previous Big Buck World Championship videos, because that’s the direction this will go. I anticipate mandatory player interviews the night before the final so Stern can gather today some footage to use for not only the stream itself, but also for post production edited footage. I plan on pushing the BBH playbook big time on how this is executed (for better and for worse based on who you are, and you’re lack of excitement for being in front of a camera).

The goal of this is to absolutely grow the prize money available as sponsors contribute. I would caution everyone that landing sponsors is not going to be some overnight thing. We’re now TEN YEARS into the BBH Championship, and only in the last 3 or so have we really gained some traction with larger outside sponsors.


Does this mean the 2017-18 PAPA Circuit Finals will also be all Sterns?

That will be up to the PAPA guys. I’m sure Stern will step up to help provide equipment if needed. Those kind of logistics will be worked on once the Stern guys lock down a time and location to host it.

I agree with Bob. Having the final not coincide with another major tournament is EXTREMELY frustrating for people, like me, trying for the Circuit Final. It’s a big financial commitment for people to fly from all over the country at the potential of playing just 4 games. :unamused:

My assumption was that it was going to be in Pittsburgh again this year and coincide with PAPA.


Understood. The reference was to the final match which is 2 of 3 and seems to be out of balance with the proceeding formats, of which are outstanding.

How come no one is using the Bally tilt through romsets that fix this??

They are in circulation to avoid having the player buffer.

This… this is why we get t-shirts.

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