Stern Pro Circuit - starts in 2018

I believe I mentioned this somewhere else, but IMO having Stern lead the PR campaign on this to potential outside sponsorships as the “Industry Leader” is a much better person to have sitting at the table compared to the President of a player’s organization. More often than not, I couldn’t even get those conversations started.

I know with Big Buck Hunter, leaving sponsorships to player groups went nowhere. When we took that task on in house, we were able to land sponsors like Moosehead Lager, Jaegermeister, etc.

That sponsorship money went directly to the player’s hands for BBH. What started as a $10K prize pool 9 years ago is now a $100K prize pool as we hit our 10th anniversary.


It’s on my to-do list at some point :slight_smile:

interesting data. so if a current PAPA event does not have 3 events, the missing one will not be a 0 for the average, that is pretty friendly :slight_smile:

Are SPC coordinators eligible to participate?

As long as the SPC coordinator has an active IFPA profile it’s no problem :slight_smile:


I agree with all of these things, and I don’t disagree that this is needed to move in that direction… but will Stern see it the same way? Do they? I don’t have any communication or interaction with them, but I do very frequently with PAPA and IFPA folks, so anything Stern decides as a company seems another level removed from me… just trying to explain my perspective.

So if someone decides not to go to Chicago in Frigid February, does the field of 40 players get filled out with the next person in the rankings as was done for the PAPA circuit?

Also thinking that going there for just the Pro Circuit final is much less expense-effective than adding a day on to PAPA. Any plans to make it more worth the trip for the half of the people who will be out after one round or the next 10 who’re out after 2 rounds? Expensive trip to play just 4 games …


Lol @alwysmooth now has to come up with twice as much money for a tournament which is supposed to be free for all attendees

Yes . . . and yes.

They understand what the player community can gain by them being the ‘face’ of this push for outside sponsorship. They also understand if we do hit in any sort of big way, they stand to gain the most from a growth in the interest of pinball with more sales of machines.


It’ll be the same process as the PAPA Circuit.

I’m not opposed to the inaugural IFPA Basement Extravaganza at my house that weekend. You guys can all meet my wife who will give you the biggest fake smile in history for being there :slight_smile:


Great! That’s what I like to see. Now let’s see some ads on those new Stern displays!

That’s no joke . . . start at 1min30sec

Are you going to leverage the industry leader Namco for BBH tournaments going forward? Then the finals could be played on Time Crisis machines.

Most of the west coast player will agree with Bob on this unfortunately. It should be double up with something else, heck even PAPA event require a side tournament :slight_smile:

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40 of us will line up for the Dutch Pinball circuit finals only to have to pay an additional $2500 each to get in the door

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This is what I find least appealing about the Nationals format. At least that’s attached to Pinmasters, but still…


They’re the leader of what industry exactly? I have a boatload full of Time Crisis 5 games that never sold if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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I’m sure the Chicago contingent will come up with something for that weekend and/or the week leading up to the final.

I had the same worries about Nationals, even with attaching Pin-Masters to it, and the turnout rate since year one has been amazing to me . . . including those players that decide NOT to stay for Pin-Masters.

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Agreed this is a $1500 trip for myself, at least with PAPA Circuit was attached to Pinburgh, and now PAPA, this is attached to nothing at the moment, makes it a hard sell at the moment unless some major prize money is handed out for the other places.

National is one trip on the other side of the country for the Easterners while with PAPA and Pinburgh we already have to do that journey twice. A 3rd time for the SPT is unfortunate, not impossible but definitely not a great way to optimize pinball travel budget.
It’s even harder for the circuit finals if you are not sure until late if you make it in or not… Which is usually proportional to how much more your plane ticket will me. and yes I know, PLAY BETTER but it isn’t always that easy :wink:

National in Vegas is great for West coast people but you have to qualify haha :smiley: