Stern Merch


Anyone know where to get the black and white Stern hat often seen lately on Zach and others? I don’t see it on the Stern shop.



Is it an employees only hat? I had a lot of people ask where they could buy my staff hat when I worked for a sports car manufacturer.


I hope not! :slight_smile:


I got one of those hats at the Louisville Pinball show from the Dwight and Corey’s seminar. They had them as prizes when you answered a trivia question. They might just be promotional items they pass out at shows etc.



Definitely in the works as we revamp our merch line so stay tuned!


I got one from local distributor.


Sweet. I’ll be watching.


What are the chances they’re ready for Father’s Day? :slight_smile:


Father’s Day 2019 it is!


Lol. Come on man! :smile:


Not going to make it by xmas either, huh? :slight_smile:


Stay tuned


And by stay tuned I’d say like now is a good time :slight_smile:


Some cool stuff there!


We did it! Thanks! :slight_smile: