Stern Lightning

Just got this title, Fun game, but ball locks seem to carry over not just from player to player but from game to game. Anyone know if there is a setting to change this?

Welcome to classic Stern :slight_smile: You can remove the one way gates at the top to make the game a bit more fun at least but no, locks carry over.

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No setting for that… and suffers from the common stern multiball flaw in that balls will relock during multiball.

Stick with non-multiball classic Sterns. So many great titles that are fun and fast to play.

I own Quicksilver, Big Game, Nine Ball, Lightning, Sea Witch, Split Second. BG, QS and SW are my favorite 3 and yes, none have multiball! I am thinking that Split Second doesn’t relock balls but I could be wrong as I have not played it in years.


I have owned a lot of early sterns. Lightning was not a favorite. Have owned at least 5 meteors. Still love it.

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Lightning is my favorite in my collection. The biggest thrill is releasing the balls, not for multiball, but to unlock advancing the PF X with the horseshoe shot. Once you are at 4x playfield, rip that spinner. Such a thrill