Stern Godzilla Rulesheet

Deep cut: you can use Anguiris to get a ball in the shooter lane then short plunge get an easy 3x mecha super


ooh - presumably might also work if you just drain out the second ball at the right time and plunge the ball saved ball (maybe needing a few very short plunges while waiting for the sjp to light)

but not when main ball saver is on?

Once you use Anguiris, yeah, you can drain and then short plunge the ball-saved ball. Otherwise I’m pretty sure there aren’t any scenarios where ball save would be running while mecha sjp is lit.

Maybe like this: Ball save period during build phase that precedes SJP being lit. Drain one of the balls just as it is running out, ball would be sent to the shooter lane. Small delay before SJP lights. Maybe could time it just so to manually short plunge as it lights. Could cheese it by doing repeated very short plunges to have it return to the shooter lane while waiting for SJP to light

Boom, DQ’d

Did I somehow trigger a known easter egg where the game is saying “Waison” instead of “Godzilla”?

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Also besides Anguirus, Mothra’s left outlane ball save could also put a ball into the shooter lane to short-plunge the 3x super.

Other possibilities: Is there an adjustment to enable the reverse-building-shot ball saver during multiball (like on Rush)? Or is there any way to start another multiball during the grace period after MechaGZ while the super is still lit?

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Can anyone confirm rodan timer doesn’t pause when started prior to planet x and then selecting it? That’s a series of long, unskippable content that eats up a lot of seconds.

Could be intentionally punitive, as I recall Keith or someone from the design team saying your allies don’t travel to Planet X with you. Makes sense, from a theme integration standpoint. I guess they didn’t want to be as harsh as ending a currently running Rodan.


hmm, I would think they should end then - there are a variety of other things that in the game that, when triggered, kill other running things (example, rampage start killing active destruction jackpot collect)