Stern Galaxy software update suggestions

Someone emailed me and asked if there were any software updates to Stern’s Galaxy - I know about the Oliver K mod for it, and I tried to think of new things that could be done for it, but other than boosting scores for planet completion there’s really not a lot I’d change. Maybe I’m jaded in that I’ve had mine for over 10 years I bought it in a multigame deal thinking I’d sell it at the next show, because I always thought it was boring; I made it ridiculously difficult with a hair tilt though by flipping some lanes (at the bottom) to rubber for more bounciness and removing the outlane posts. With a 7.5 degree slope it turns out to be fun in a very frustrating way.

Since I’m satisfied playing the game that way, I never felt the need to do anything with the software beyond the Oliver mod (7 digit and turns off the inlane drop spot feature 1x earlier than stock). I developed and posted a spot letter fix for the top saucer long ago on RGP, but never put it into the game.

Open to suggestions (as if I don’t have enough projects as it is)… post away!
Related, if you have a stern galaxy and want something changed in it… can you beta test the resulting romset. (You’d need access to an eprom burner for this.)

I can’t remember but is there a setting to not hold over the Bonus X from ball to ball? That’s a big change that I would make if not.

It automatically does that stock - it uses your planetary progress for the bonus x. I guess you could step back planets, but I like the progression forward holding over (reach the sun for special).

It just makes the game way easier to roll, I feel like with that change you probably wouldn’t need 7 digits. The other thing I’ve never liked is how once you max bonus, the only thing really worth shooting for is the GALAXY kicker, especially if the feed isn’t too hairy. I’m not sure what to do about that though.