Stern: Flippers too strong out of the box

Proud owner of a ST Premium. Love it, but the flippers are REALLY strong. It’s not the pitch. I’ve set it pretty steep (bubble is hitting top black line).

Some of my left ramp shots fly off the habitrail. I just sort of worry about some of the play field parts getting nailed. Plus it’s very, very hard.

Any experience here?

Play it. Let it get a little dirty. It will slow down.

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Yeah, it’s just a combination of new flippers and a pristine playfield. It will start to slow down the more you play it. Personally, I say enjoy it while it’s playing as fast as it is. Faster = better, in my opinion.

Oh, it’s plenty of fun! I’m mostly just concerned for that poor vengeance drop target. It does seem to be bricking quite a bit.

Agree with the others but I would also suggest double checking your pitch using a digital level (not an app). Stern factory bubbles are rarely right on the money. They’re installed with no legs on the games. We got a IM on location nearby that had the bubble installed backwards, which led to some interesting adjustments.

I LOVE my ST Premium as well! Haven’t found the flippers to be too strong, but the ball will fly around crazily at times. I installed Pinbits plastics protectors and metal protectors for the Alpha and Beta ramps accordingly. Supposedly Cliffy is currently fabricating a set for the Warp ramp.