Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet

Since it’s timed, you have more opportunity to pass asteroids if you’re going faster


Right, no direct score from boosting, only indirect in that going faster means more asteroids to dodge.

One more tiny rules bit: I did indeed see Light Extra Ball from Mystery, on a different machine. This is likely percentage based as well since it’s never happened on my own machine.

Same here. I’ve only ever seen an Extra Ball rewarded via Mystery in the first month or so of owning the machine, code 1.01 I believe. Since then nothing after thousands of games played.

I thought I was onto something, lol.

Oh, duh. That totally makes sense. Thanks!

Is there a defined set of Choose Your Path awards for each ball of each character when the game is set to Competition play?

It’s defined even when not in competition play - the list isn’t random, it’s always deterministic based on what’s available in the current game state. It doesn’t differ ball to ball per character.

Does Shot Multiplier affect spinner value? Watching pinball expo stream and seeing spinner get up to 1M and even 3M without the shot multiplier on it.

I didn’t know that. Thanks!

I picked up my SW machine around the same time as you, @vikingerik…and after reading your notes here, all I can think is “I need to be doing more with my life.” You’re rocking it, man - thanks for the intel!

One more small detail on the rules (or maybe this should go in the “deep cuts” thread, heh.) The medals earned from Victory MB are cumulative throughout the game - they don’t reset after Jedi MB, they continue through multiple loops.

The score for earning a medal keeps increasing - the first is worth up to 100M (2.5M base x40 multiplier), the second is 200M, etc, and the fifth is 500M and it keeps going from there.

The award at the start of my second Jedi MB in the same game said “1.1 Billion” when I had a set of four plus one more, so the code is smart enough to account for the possibility of multiple medal sets and gives the score for each of them.