Star Trek billion strategy

Plans are that I’m going to be livestreaming over at Stern HQ in Chicago for a couple weeks come September.

Star Trek, being my favorite game to play I wanted to join the ranks that have achieved the billion points. I can score 300-500M on a typical game with a top score in the 600s. I feel there’s some awareness that I don’t know… such as how to get a huge Klingon Super Jackpot by having 9.1 going and comboing that shot and maybe even having the three in a column completed for that shot.

Can you guys help me understand some of the endgame strategy that you’ve used to achieve the super high scores?

Not that I’ve been able to pull it off, but there’s a stack in the 3rd vengeance mode that could lead to a monster score if you pull it off late in a big game.

I believe the rules are that you have to hit the drop target 5 times. The 6th time you hit it, it drops for a short amount of time, and shooting it into the back of the vengeance awards 10% of your score. This can be doubled by comboing in, and doubled again by having double scoring.

If you’re sitting at 300m, that’s a 120m jackpot.

The other big one would be going into Kobayashi Maru with double scoring going and a bunch of medals. You can get awarded for level 2 and 3 modes, too, if you delay the start of KM. I’m sure if this is played right it could get pretty huge.