Stage flipping technique tutorial

One of the members here asked me to show this tutorial here on tiltforums. I’m new here so I will start with it :smile:

A lot of pin players don’t understand how this is done. But it is so easy.
Basically the trick is make the lower fingers hold the side of the machine, to help you maintain the flipper button position at half way.

The video, just 1 min:

This is easier on the new Sterns, Data east and Sega.
On Williams machines, the flipper button optos are usually firing both flippers almost at the same time.


I know what I’ll be trying out today! I’ve always done it using just my usual flipping finger, but that only gives you one staged flip before everything is back to chaos. I’m looking forward to trying out this technique :smile:

Yeah if you don’t use like the video you can only do it once than it’s gone hehehe
Let me know if you improved the skill :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve always done it like @haugstrup, and had the same problem. Great video, thanks for posting!

Awesome! I gotta try this

I’ve been hard-moding it and using my normal finger and can can do it, but maybe this will make it a lot easier/less brain power!

Just tried it out and it’s so much easier. I am looking forward to playing a Pat Lawlor machine as soon as possible.

Having never been any good at staged flipping, I am very glad this video exists. Thanks! Will try as soon as possible.

I’ve never had a problem doing a stage. I don’t even change my position on the button anymore although that was very helpful in the beginning. My shot accuracy is terrible when I use stage flips though. Where is the “How to not suck at hitting staged flipper shots” tutorial? :slight_smile:

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As soon as you get comfortable with it your shots will be good.
One way to practice this is to maintain this position throughout the whole game. Even when you are not in multiball. Get used to fire the lower flipper alone only when you need it and even at only one ball.
In a few days you will be handling it like a pro.

On this video you can see the importance of this technique. Multiballs start at around min 5:20:

Very cool. I might make something showing the inside how the leaf switches are making contact.

Cool technique! I’ve always done this the harder/less repeatable way. I think changing my finger placement would mess up my single ball game, but I’m going to give this a try in some trap/stage/shoot situations.

So anyone got better at this with the help? :smiley:

I’ve been trying it on JP and it’s definitely more reliable than the ol’ “try hold the button half-way” method. It also made me discover that my leaf switches were in serious need of adjustment!

Holy crap that’s wonderful! I’ve never been good with staging flippers … not to mention overall ball control … but this might just help.

Oh, right. Just found this forum. I likes it.

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