STAGE 2019 final game
We join the action on ball three with Bowden down by a couple hundred million.
Bowden, Meserve, P. Moncla, Byers
What a finish!
The final game on Iron Maiden starts at the 2:43 mark.


Randomly happened to catch this while it was streaming and it is honestly one of the most exciting tournament games I’ve watched, made even more nerve wracking by the fact that if a certain set of circumstances came together, there could be a three-way tie for first place. Awesome job with the stream!

(Going into this final game, Bowden had 8, Meserve had 12, Preston had 6, Byers had 6. Scoring was 7-5-3-1. In order for the three-way tie to occur, either Preston or Byers would need to win, Bowden would need to get 2nd, and Marc would need to get last. Consider that while watching and try not to have a heart attack.)


That game was a treat to watch live. When Preston collected Tomb Award #3 to increase power JP by 15M, I was jumping up and down in my seat!


great ball 3 action… but I had to watch it muted to avoid the commentators who didn’t know the game, or things like… what a live catch really is… :slight_smile:

i know the difference. i spent four seconds explaining why i sometimes personally mix up the words live and dead. A live catch deadens the momentum of the ball, a dead bounce keeps the ball live. sorry. Also that happened twenty seconds in the video, which shows what kinda mindset you went in with.

What a game. Wish I could have stayed!

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No, I wasn’t commenting on the question about the live catch but the commentator claiming what we were watching WAS a live catch - it was not. (craig I think he identified himself as?)

A live catch is when you FLIP to match the ball perfectly resulting in the ball stopping on the flipper. As illustrated by papaTV - When done elegantly, it almost looks like magic as the ball just stops instead of flipping. This is what a sexy live catch looks like -

What Bowden was doing was DROP catching - which is when you hold the flipper up and DROP the flipper just at the right time to deaden the energy of the ball. In this case due to the angle, the ball was still rolling up the flipper a bit… but its a DROP catch because he is lowering the flipper to stall the ball.

A dead bounce is named as such because it’s as if the flipper was dead… it’s not moving… not because the ball’s bounce is live vs dead… it’s named because of the flipper play. Now some call it a ‘dead flip’ because of JD too… but if the ball goes as far as a flip… well, you’re probably worse off :wink: I prefer to name ‘dead bounce’

I’ve never heard anyone say “Lets see some good ball” when referring to pinball play.

The commentators had a hard time identifying the normal modes in Maiden like Rime and why its a multiball, etc.

I had no predisposition when I watched the clip… I clicked a link to see a pinball game. The commentary was incorrect, and ill informed multiple times, and I found it incredibly distracting… so I muted it.

I think he was referring to Craig calling a drop catch a live catch.

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Gonna delete the off-topic back and forth. Please play nice.