Spring Ahead TOURNAMENT frankenmuth mi april 27 28 29

Pinball tournament in Frankenmuth Michigan @ the Bavarian Inn Lodge.
there are only a few rooms left for saturday already. when we had our event last december, all the rooms sold out on all nights.
VERY important to book EARLY.

we had 65 players at our first event in december and we have now added a classics division and guarantee minimal payouts and nice $$$$ prizes.!

Offer for Apr 27-28-29th 2018

FRIDAY only $119.00 plus TAX Saturday only $139.00 plus Tax Friday and Saturday $258.00 plus TAX for both nights. ADD Sunday for $79 plus TAX.

Gaming Friday FUN Deal***Room plus —TWO $20 GAMING CARDS PLUS $10 RATSKELLER voucher for Snacks (per stay)Starting at $119.00 plus Tax on Friday***Saturday $169.00 plus Tax***LIMITED ROOMS ONLY Payment charged at time of booking—NON REFUNDABLE—NO Date Changes—Rooms assigned day of check-in—MUST be booked on the WEB—NO coupon or voucher can be applied—LIMITED TIME OFFER–Credit Card Payment Only-book NOW for this Super Rate-----NEW BOOKINGS ONLY----MUST GIVE THE FOLLOWING when BOOKING: Rate Code GAMEWE

The Bavarian Inn Lodge is a treasure in the heart of downtown Frankenmuth – Michigan’s #1 tourist attraction. Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Cass River, the Lodge is a world-class getaway destination for families and couples. Unique in theme, no other hotel in Frankenmuth can compare!
360 European-themed guest rooms, including whirlpool and family suites.
Indoor water play with four indoor pools , three whirlpools and water slides.
18-hole indoor miniature golf.
The largest Family Fun Center in any Midwest hotel with 150+ video and redemption games, air hockey, pool tables, Pinball.
Two-story Children’s Village play area
Two lounges, two restaurants, and two gift shops
Frankenmuth is a top tourist spot in Michigan. Shops, boat rides, high end game rooms, indoor water parks, Bronner’s christmas wonderland (the worlds largest Christmas store), carriage rides, top rated restaurants, campgrounds and the list goes on and on.
This will be totally, a FAMILY FUN EVENT!
across the parking lot is RIVERPLACE that has another high end game room and restaurants, bars, boat rides, ice cream shops, fudge shops and more stores galore. Down the street is Splash Village which is AN Indoor waterpark comparable to Kalahari.


  • Best game (Herb Style) format tournament (6 pinball machines in each bank (open & classics), 4 per bank will count towards your standing).

*Entry tickets to play are $2 each. All of this goes to the pot for payouts.
*OPEN: Qualify for A or B divisions
*CLASSICS: One division only.

100% of the entry fees will be paid out. nothing will be pulled out for expenses. whatever the pot is from your entries, it will be paid out. We run a tight ship for YOU & are very thorough.
We also will have give aways for open and give aways for classics. separate prizes for each. Play in both, double your chances. Random give aways. Led BIG tv, nintendo switch, etc.
also win Prizes from Bavarian inn lodge (game cards, hotel gift cards), other business gift cards, STERN PINBALL, Raw Thrills, jersey jack, etc… Door prizes & more
*Win Cash, Prizes, IFPA Pinball ranking points.

We will have guaranteed 1st place for all divisions, even if the entry fees collected don’t meet the minimums.

Overall payouts as follows:
in addition to cash there will be prizes as well for some places.
1st- 35% of “A” pot (minimum $400 guarantee)
2nd- 30% of “A” pot
3rd- 20% of “A” pot
4th- 15% of “A” pot

1st- 35% of “B” pot (minimum $200 guarantee)
2nd- 30% of “B” pot
3rd- 20% of “B” pot
4th-15% of “B” pot

1st- 35% of pot (minimum $300 guarantee)
2nd- 30% of pot
3rd- 20% of pot
4th- 15% of pot

*1st through 4th place in each division get cash.
Remember folks, No matter how you place, EVERYONE is eligible for the big give aways.

(*A division= advanced/expert players)
(*B division= beginner/casual/novice players)
for OPEN: the pot will be split 60/40 between A and B divisions.
*you can play as many times as you want but only your best score will count towards the standings.

B players will start first. A players will follow.


Notice- $25 per player registration fee APPLIES. each player will receive 3 free entries to play in open or classics or both. $1 of the registration fee per player goes to the ifpa international flipper pinball association ranking system (ifpapinball.com). The rest goes towards all of the prizes we are providing, tournament expenses, game maintenance, helping staff and a host of other things associated with running an event like this. A lot, and i mean A LOT goes into running a pinball tournament. The games take quite the beating as well. lots of new rubber, flipper rebuilds, proper cleaning will take place afterwards. parking is free and its free to enter the facility. The games are on FREE PLAY and most importantly, 100% of the pot is paid out.

Bavarian inn game list (card reader system). SOME pinballs also give out “tickets”!: (games are swapped out often)- air fx, 2 boxers, tower of tickets, space invaders frenzy, super shot jr, Attack from mars LE (NEW) Pinball, Ghostbusters Pinball, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Pinball, Star Wars Pinball (stern), connect 4 (giant), topsy turvy, Grand piano Keys (Giant), Space Ballz (Giant), Aliens Armagedon, Sno cross (x2). Super Bikes 2 (x2), Pac man party (x2), typhoon, ticket time (x2), wizard of oz giant coin pushers (x2), sponge bob pineapple, blackbeards bounty giant pusher, candy crush saga, Big Bass Wheel (x2), ice ball fx (x4), pop the lock, duck catcher, zoo catcher, fish bowl frenzy, whack n win, spin n win, quik drop, full tilt, Giant Balloon pop (x2), ice man, frogger (LCD Giant), sink the ship, dizzy chicken, Monster Drop (x2), crank it, key master, flappy bird, face place, dead storm pirates, Jurrasic park (Raw Thrills), harpoon lagoon, x prize, wheel of fortune, milk jug toss, dinosaur world, monster crane, deal or no deal, whack em gators, dolphin star, jumpn jackpot, sponge bob order up, colorama, lucky streak, air hockey dynamo, sink it 2, candy factory, whack a mole, cyclone (x2), cut the rope, comet, grab n go, carnival crane, strike it rich, kiddy rides (a bunch), treasure chest, kc cobra, fun e ball, chameleon, etc.
Riverplace has about 30 games including 2 pinball machines as well.
If you have never been to frankenmuth, you are missing a wonderful experience. This is a must attend event. shuttles run for free between the hotel and other places as well. There is much much more to do in the town than we are mentioning.

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Looking forward to it. The last one was a blast!

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Reminder: games will be set up very fair (not “hard”) so we strongly urge people not just to show up Saturday to try to qualify esp if you are playing classics as well.
Last time we had 65 people and if you want to get your plays in I recommend starting on Friday so you aren’t waiting in line on Saturday at crunch time.
games will be very Playable.
this is the Highest payout tourney in Michigan in terms or Guaranteed cash prizes and prizes themselves in addition to random door prizes. anyone can win the big lcd tv and Nintendo switch, even if you come in last place. Those are random free drawings. If you joined us last time, we had Bavarian in gave away $100 lodge gift certificates, $100 gaming cards as well as $25 gaming cards. We really step it up for the players who support our events. We want you to have a fun time and get your money’s worth!

ATTENTION: we need helpers to “help” keep score or take tickets etc. Each shift you work you will get 8 free tournament tickets and also have 2 hours of qualifying (1 hr per day) for helpers alone.
sign up here. type your name for whatever shift(s) you want.

over $2000 guaranteed cash and prizes. 100% payback (no fees removed for anything from the actual prize pool) ,so if the pot exceeds the guarantees, even more is paid out!

over 150 high end games in the venue. bring the family, no one will get bored. 5 pools, water slides, games, food, drinks, Bars, putt putt golf, hot tubs, adult pool (all inside the HUGE venue). The entire town has way way to much to do all within walking or free shuttle distance. horse & carriage, beer trollies, fudge, zoo, shopping galore, water park indoor like kalahari, boat rides, kids “mining”, zip lines, museum, the worlds largest christmas shop (brohners) camp ground, the list goes on and on.

Can you clarify that the $25 player registration fee goes into the prize pool? Thanks, the earlier post suggested otherwise!

All of the info is on the event page. The 25 per player does not go into the pool. 1 dollar goes towards ifpa fees per player from that fee. Players also get 3 entries included with that fee . the rest goes to us towards tourney expenses and the prizes we paid out of pocket for like the nintendo switch and lcd tv amongst trophies and all of the gift cards we give out. The games are at a venue and also on free play, so part of the 25 dollar fee goes towards “coin drop”. its free to get in and free to park, so no fees there that most encounter at shows. As far as payouts besides the prizes, its 2 bucks per ticket to play. All of that goes in the pot and its paid out 100 percent. If the pot is $2014 bucks, thats exactly whats paid out. In addition, we have guaranteed 1st place cash payouts no matter what the pot is at. So if the pot comes up shy, it comes from our pockets. Also, all of the other places still get payouts based on the listed pecentages no matter what the pot is at. Hope that clarifies. Thx

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