SpiderMan resetting continuously

Hey I have a Stern SpiderMan here at POP that just today started continuously resetting. Nobody was even playing it, just out of nowhere started doing it. Any thoughts for first steps? If this was an old Bally or Stern I’d have some idea but these newfangled things are crazy!

Note this was while it was just sitting in attract mode, not being played at all. I would normally suspect low line, but everything else on the circuit is fine, and nothing else was being played.

Check the 5V fuse clip on the driver board for a bent leg or any play. Check for loose connectors or pushed pins on the big connectors around the transformer. With the translite removed, power the game up and watch the LEDs on the driver board. Does the 5V LED go out when it resets, or does the whole board go dark? if you have a meter, check your 5V at the 5V test point on the driver board.

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So I turned it on this morning and it’s perfectly fine. Guess we’ll see what happens after it’s been on for a while.

Saw this recently on an IronMan. Game would fail to boot and the 5vdc led would be out. Later it would work fine. Turned out to be a loose connector at the transformer.

Yeah, first things first, always check the connectors. More often than not you will find that’s the problem.