Spider-Man rules question

Dear all

A couple of questions regarding Spider-Man.

At some progression stage through the game the orbits seems to go permanently open. Unless lit (lock and start mode). Making the Venom mode 3 considerably harder to achieve.

I believed this was when all modes had been played. But I’ve seen the behaviour starts before that is achieved.

Also. Even though Goblin modes 2 and 3 share the same active shot light sweep, I believe mode 3 is harder. Meaning the effective width of the shot is narrower (plus more shots of course). Can anybody confirm that you have to nail the lit shot more precisely for mode 3?

The loops go open once you have achieved a certain number of combos.

Can’t speak to green goblin short being “narrower” if anything I’d say possibly might be less of a grace period on being able to hit a target that is no longer lie.