SPC Final - odds are up

Josh Sharpe at +6000? That seems tempting…

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I do hope to prove once again that Circuit Finals is NOT a Major :slight_smile:


I put money down on Josh Sharpe, also on Andy Rosa and Aleksander.

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Last time I put money on these chumps! Every local player got waxed in round one. So much for homefield advantage.

Did anyone notice the closing odds this morning? Cant find them on the website

Congrats to both you and Andy!

so whats the payout? :slight_smile:

I’d assume a max $25 bet on Andy would of resulted in a ~$2500 payout?


And uh…did they actually pay it?

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We are all very eager to see if this actually happens!

I for one welcome the glamor, excitement, and influx of degenerate lowlives into pinball that will result in people winning thousands of dollars betting on us.

Bring it on!

And Congrats to Zen bringing back his new Star Wars game to New York! Nice to see a local boy take care of Heads Up business! Also congrats to Stern for apparently finally running out of WWE games.


Turns out I still have that browser tab open (yeah, I’m one of those people). Here are the odds as of the night before finals, in case anyone’s curious. I assume John Delzoppo dropped out at some point. Only other change I’m aware of is that @JPW opened at +10000 and moved down to +7500.

Yep, about an hour before the betting was announced.

So if I understand the weird format of the odds, a $25(maximum allowed) bet on Andy would’ve returned $200? Well, 200 plus the original bet so 225?

+8000 is how much you would win if you bet $100. In this case a $25 bet would win $2000.


Interested to see if Todd gets paid. Hopefully he does, and hopefully he bet the max.

if that the case, i wonder if the betting site even made money on the event…

Possibly not, but $2k is chump change for an offshore betting site. They’re probably fine with a small loss leader if it means new customers and/or developing a potential new “sport” to wager on.

Not to mention, any winning bettor who took advantage of the deposit bonus is likely to lose much of it back before withdrawal is allowed.


Anyone taking the “will Keith elwin or andy rosa win pinburgh” bets that mybookie is currently offering?

Paid today via Bank Wire. Minus transfer fee still did pretty good for a $25 wager. Thanks for the encouragement and support. Special thanks to Andy and all the competitors. Was very fun to watch.

Josh n Alek owe me $25 each for a bad wager :slight_smile: