SPC Final - odds are up

Place your bets … take your chances … collude for the first million dollar payout. Options are all ahead of us.



Checked out their reviews on the web; mixed bag, some issues with management’s prior operations. If anyone thinks they’re safe enough to try, you can get Zach right now for 12-to-1!

Who (or what) established the baseline odds?

I know the connection between the site and pinball came from Jack Tadman. He would have to provide more color. I’m not sure how they came up with the odds and to what extent Jack helped.


It’s got to be worth a monkey on Jeff Teolis? :slight_smile:


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Warning on promo codes (i plan on using one for my bets), some of them apparently need a “10x rollover” before you can cash out!

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Yeah, I would pass on the promo code unless you plan to do a lot of non-pinball betting in the future. That “free” $50 costs $1,500 in betting action, which they presume you will lose most of (assuming you win anything from the initial deposit, which is already unlikely).

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You could always play for draws in Pai Gow Poker until you’re over the cashout limit. I did this as a job for close to two years back when internet casinos were popping up multiples a week. There’s other options as well, but PGP was always the safest way to get money into play with lowest possible risk… right up until they blacklist you.


The best drinking game in Vegas!


This is by far the best use of Pai Gow Poker I’ve ever heard of.


This has to be fake as I can’t bet on Josh to take 2nd, so, I’m out :crazy_face:


they should do a pari-mutuel pool like horse racing

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lol… the problem was so few of those old casinos included Pai Gow Poker. When they did, it was immediate sign up and maxing out the bonus with as many accounts as you could fake. :grin:


Latest groupings (unofficial as of Feb. 27, 4pm ET)

1 Steven Bowden
20 Sanjay Shah
21 Aleksander Kaczmarczyk
40 Paul Caras

2 Raymond Davidson
19 Cayle George
22 Adam McKinnie
39 Eric Russell CNY

3 Trent Augenstein
18 Zach Sharpe
23 Adam Lefkoff
38 Timothy Street

4 David Riel
17 Drew Cedolia
24 Andrew Rosa II
37 Derek Price

5 Eric Stone
16 Robert Gagno
25 Nick Zendejas
36 Mark van der Gugten

6 Keith Elwin
15 Karl DeAngelo
26 Greg Poverelli
35 Sunshine Bon

7 Jim Belsito
14 Josh Sharpe
27 Zachary Parks
34 Jack Tadman

8 Fred Richardson
13 Alex Harmon
28 Chris Basler
33 Lewis Bevans

9 Jason Werdrick
12 Escher Lefkoff
29 Andy Rosa
32 Tony Pierce

10 Colin Urban
11 Alberto Santana
30 Phil Birnbaum
31 Jeff Teolis

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I always went the Blackjack route. Back in the day, those bonus deals were so sweet and plentiful that you could easily pull in a few hundred a week by playing “perfect” for an hour or two a day.

Blackjack was actually my backup for the casinos that didn’t have PGP. That or high volume low denomination slots. You didn’t have to win… you just had to not lose the bonus.

Any word on the final groupings? Wanna get my bets placed. :money_mouth_face:

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$25 limit, boo! I was planning to go big. Oh well, picked a couple guys anyway. I’ll have $50 worth of fun sweating my horses even if I lose.

Brutal for you, but just in my price range. I didnt go for the favorites (Keith, Raymond, Steve) cause the odds dont pay good enough. Where is the money line?!?! The +1000 guys?