Sopranos mod - remove manual plunger?

I have heard/seen that the sopranos for Indisc was modded by removing the manual plunger so its not possible to use the three switch exploit for multiballs (and therefore reducing game time).

Is there anyone who know how to do this in more detail? Im considering trying this for my sopranos.


I’d assume you just remove the plunger and set the game to use flipper launch.

When you say it like that, i guess it isnt much more complicated, removing the manual plunger is just some screws :smiley: I was thinking it was replaced with a button, but as you say, setting flippers launch should do the trick :slight_smile:

Just remove the plunger e-clip and pull it out. Then set to Flipper launch to yes. You can still preform a Super Skill shot set like this as well! :slight_smile:


Be sure to also implement the INDISC Soprano’s drop target air-ball to left outlane “feature” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I played that particular Sopranos when it was on route (and didn’t have the removed plunger). I can assure you that “feature” was not new to INDISC.

In general, this is why I always attempt to backhand it regardless.

Its already implemented :upside_down_face:

I prefer to use a red plunger spring and set the boat multiball to extra hard. Makes you hit the drop target like 6 times before staying down. Also, it will cause the players to try the sneak in more. That’s fun to watch.

At the last PAPA they also did this with Ripley’s.

My game had the same feature and it was pretty minty. That’s arguably one of the worst drop targets in modern pinball. Ok game otherwise but there’s nothing likeable about that drop target.

Its super annoying when the plunger is pulled on Sopranos and also Ripleys.

may I suggest…

Just set the game up hard, sensitive tilt, sensitive SLINGS and harder outlanes.

The vast majority of players will hurt themselves trying to 3-switch on Sopranos when it is set up hard. It’s not a freebie. :slight_smile:


If such a “mod” annoys the great players it probably means it works, levelling out the playing field making it more equal start for everyone. I have opened outlanes, hypersensitiv tilt and slingshots, it still takes a long time in 4 player matches. Best would of course be that ball save=off meant pf validation exploit is not active, and drain meant “next player”.

maybe it would, but it doesn’t. Removing (a set of) skill should always be the last option and only if inevitable (and still be questioned)

  • f.e. making a one-way switch on shatzable inlanes, that are just too valuable - thinking of amazing spiderman, skateball or maybe gorgar
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Just play it like its AFM :slight_smile: normal skillshot or superskillshot., booom.

Even with no ball save you still get three switches.

Try my setup. You might like it.

Yepp i know, ball save off only kicks in (ironically) when pf is validated. I have it set to 2 sec now due to some occasional pop =>drain.

But im quite sure i have a red spring. And game is set to extra hard, but me and other skilled players spend much time exploiting the soft plunge to drop tsrget and let drain, so it takes time.
Another aspect i like by removing manual plunger is thatt it might force players to utilize superskillshot more.

Well if the players want to short plunge and hit that dangerous drop target 5-6 times per lock, I say let em.

Or just sell the Sopranos machine and buy a Rolling Stones, like I did. :wink:


…worst advice ever :stuck_out_tongue: never seen a rolling stones in borås?

I mean, that is some decent advice - I hear Sweden gets pretty cold in the winter, Sopranos is probably better served as fire wood… :wink:

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