Some Stern stock music

Was going through some stock music and it turns out a few of the tracks you hear in a few recent Stern games (especially those with licensed themes) are all from this website. Specifically I’ve found three so far.

Penguin 1 theme from Batman ‘66:

Bat Turn theme from Batman ‘66:

One of the Katanarama Time themes from Deadpool:

There’s another track in Deadpool, the music for the Mystique battle, that was also used in Zen Studios’ Venom table (for Wallcrawler Battle) but I’m not sure if that’s stock or not.

Anything else? I know there’s another game show styled track for Katanarama Time that might be on this site and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other music in Batman ‘66 was around here either.


Anyone feel like the music in BKSOR in a certain mode (maybe hurry ups) sounds a ton like some soundtrack notes from The Amazing Spider-Man movies (Andrew Garfield ones) soundtrack?

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Does Stern not have an in-house composer (or have access to freelance composers)?

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Depends on the release, I know Brian Schmidt was credited for Game of Thrones & Walking Dead but a few other releases lack those credits.

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I think they still have the menu and other base system tones from the bsmt2000 days still in there.

Dang, really? I know the menu sounds have pretty much never changed but it’s cool they’ve kept them all this time.

Cool or we still on the old code base and we still don’t have the menus setup to make use of the LCD.

Just think how bad it can be to punch in an wifi password and network on the old menu system if they add wifi.

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The sounds were definitely redone for SAM.

TBH it’s probably the ONLY reason I’m envious of PinBar™ (since we’ve already implemented it).

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This track from Manhunt 2 reminded me of Shame’s theme from Batman 66. Perhaps another stock song?