So this almost happened (Tron)

I’m very disappointed that the person I was just playing Tron against didn’t get to Sea of Simulation. He could’ve started it without the Recognizer being finished!

We always joke about starting Sea without Flynn, but that is a walk in the park to setup next to not having Recognizer complete.

I think I’m most disappointed in not knowing what happens during Sea with an incomplete Recognizer.

The esoteric game question is do you know how to setup Sea without a complete Recognizer?

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By having a bad switch on the disc that phantom-registers, so you can start Disc MB without ever hitting the Recognizer wall? :slight_smile:

Flynn’s Arcade award for lowering the Recognizer? Is that a thing?

Outside of malfunctions… does an airball into the disk lower the bank without awarding recognizer?

Is that even a thing? LOL

Almost positive there is a Recognizer advance, but I assume it does the proper thing.

Along these lines, I note advance Gem does not award a bonus x.

There’s a legit malfunction-free way to do this. EDIT: And airball-free, heh.

That was bizarre and irritating I drained right away after disc

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Hmm… What is the status of the 3bank after Portal ends? If it stays down, the player could start Disc right away, then complete the remaining objectives while in Quorra/LC multiballs (which disable Recognizer hits), leaving recognizer incomplete at SOS start…

Do you have to play 6 quorra multiballs, each time getting all the add a balls and then draining down to one ball, sneaking a ball into the disc as it’s on its way up? 6 times?

Spill the beans, we’re dying here!


Next Heads Up Challenge: Play Quorra MB 6 times without opening the Recognizer. :cold_sweat:

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All right here’s the deal:

  • Play Disc
  • Get Recognizer down for next Disc
  • Start Sea (really it’s Portal you need to start with the Recognizer down)
  • Play Portal
  • Now you’re reset with the Recognizer down
  • Play as normal, probably Disc is the last thing you start for Sea #2
  • At this point, you almost have Sea qualified again but you haven’t hit the Recognizer yet so it’s not even blinking.

@PinballKatz checked with the glass off, the Sea requirement for Recognizer is 6 hits, so it probably behooves you to finish it anyway before starting Sea again, heh.

Guess this should cc to the Deep Cuts thread.


Ha, that’s awesome! And totally logical and legit.

On another note, if you bring Gem into portal, and come out of portal before Gem times out, your gem light will still be solid for your next portal :slight_smile:


keep ripping those spinners!

When the recognizer bank is up, phantom hits on the disc opto will not make progress towards Disc MB. (But once the bank is down, the phantom hits will make progress).


But, what is the deal really.

2nd SOS lit and ready to start, with Recogniser status still unlit?

Or Recogniser bank not going up after the 2nd Disc played?

Or Recogniser failing to give merit to its SOS status after Disc played?

Is there a bug issue? You would be worse off it Portal was resetting the Recogniser bank.

Do Recogniser set its SOS status from off to solid without the flashing state?

This is a little surprising. I would expect you had to have made a Gem shot during Portal for this to actually occur? (I would totally believe it in that case.)

2nd SOS WOULD’VE been lit, except the recognizer hadn’t been hit because disc was the last thing (other than Recognizer) for the 2nd SOS. So, holding a ball on a flipper, last multiball ball drains, and SOS is NOT lit because Recognizer hasn’t been “started” yet. One hit to recognizer lights SOS. At this time you can start Sea with Recognizer incomplete.

Not necessarily, I don’t think. You could have a very short Portal MB without hitting Gem, draining down to one ball. But you could have hit enough spinner shots to keep the Gem timer from timing out during Portal.

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Oh believe me I totally understand Gem lasting through Portal, LOL. But, usually, things like marking a mode complete happen as a response to some event such as making a shot, not usually ending a mode. That’s why I’d expect a Gem shot would need to be made to count as a completion after starting Portal, not having made one before Portal started then having it marked as complete after Portal still (especially since Portal would wipe out all the complete flags).

I could be wrong, but this is how I would expect it to work.

You’re probably right, I can’t remember the last time it happened whether I ha md hit a shot during portal or not

I see what you mean.