So, has anyone made it to Last Man Standing yet?


Please tell me there’s video of this. That’s amazing!!


I wish. I have enough cameras :frowning:


I did it on a stream of mine:

Spoilers: I did not complete it :frowning:


I seem to remember you having a few. Haha

@Theguyoverthere don’t make me post my stream of me on a premium set to ten ball where I don’t get it. :sweat:


I’ve got to and completed LMS on a pro a few times, did a temporary trade for a couple of months for my Met.
Tactic was pretty much go for left ramp, left loop or Right ramp, right loop then whatever shot was needed to relight the walkers back on those shots. Usually well and riot would be the chosen shot.Continue to do that through each mode and multiball.

Was more than a little pi$$ed off when the final score showed 216,111,994 but didn’t record it on the High Score table.
LMS score was 2,568,500,000.


Poor timing. :sob:


I read the 1.6 code release notes today that said LMS scoring would be lowered and was pissed. I didn’t know you could pull off 2.5B tho lol


The drop is minimal.


Still plenty good enough for me


This has been fixed in the 1.60.0 update.

  • Changed score type to 64-bit so scores will not roll at 4B.

Edit: Looking forward to @sk8ball gameplay video rolling the scoring at 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 quintillion.


Also in 1.60, there are now always at least 4 walkers lit instead of 3, so it should be slightly easier to get to LMS!


Sadly, that will be impossible because

(a) the sun will turn into a red giant long before that score can be reached

(b) Keith will be dead long before the sun will turn into a red giant :slight_smile:


Bet he can’t get a replay before then either. :grinning: