Slightly confused about 🙂

I have seen @joe, @Artimage, @pinwizj, @DHS, and maybe a couple more members here use what appears to be a smiley called “slightly_smiling”. Examples:

Here’s what I see when this smiley is used:

I see the text rather than a smiley across at least 3 different PCs, and I’ve even tried using IE rather than Chrome.

@heyrocker, is this a forum bug? If it’s an actual smiley, I want to see it!
FWIW, I don’t seem to have a problem displaying or using any other smileys here. :snowman:

Thanks for reading.

This appears to be a problem in the most recent version of the software. There’s a topic going on their support forum which I’m following.

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Thanks, Greg. Does that mean that nobody’s seeing this emoji? What’s odd is that I don’t even seem to have a “slightly_smiling” option in the emoji list.

I would guess that the emoji list got edited at some point. I’ve certainly never typed :slightlysmiling: into the forum…

I don’t like to use emojis myself, but I’m intrigued – how do you guys choose an appropriate one? Are you just picking one by looking at the images, or are you looking at the text to figure out what it’s actually supposed to represent? Just wondering, because “slightlysmiling” seems like a weird thing to use.

It looks like this problem has been solved with the most recent upgrade of Discourse. :slight_smile:

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I like how the thread title changed. :grin:


[quote=“umbilico, post:5, topic:1144”]
I don’t like to use emojis myself…[/quote]

Me neither. I roll old school ASCII.

“slightly_smiling” -----------------> :^/

Edit: This forum has biff bars for loooonnngggg ASCII arrows (dash limiter). This is an outrage!

I also tend to use ascii, but discourse likes converting them. :slight_smile: is just the usual colon-paren smily, it turns out.