Slap save without flip

Like slap save but without flip, what is this called?
Dead slap save?
At what level should you introduce this to your repertoire?


Where on the game would you slap? Would the ball just dead bounce over?

On the left side but not on the button. Yes, it’s a deadflip but would drain without a nudge.

Slap bounce. Haha

Wobble save.

Flipping gets the tip of the flipper further out in the gap; I’m not sure it’d ever be desirable to not flip unless the ball was approaching at a very low angle…

Now, not flipping the SECOND flipper - I have found that will save balls I would have otherwise slapped underneath the second flipper had I raised it in a traditional slapsave. The one-handers seem more beneficial on slower balls.


I’d probably just call it a dead bounce myself. It just kind of seems like an evolution of a normal dead bounce. I often give a bit of a forward nudge to a dead bounce but I wouldn’t classify it as a different technique.

what why whaaaaat


In this example I don’t think I’d call it a slap save, more like a nudge with a dead bounce. You can see some random guy doing it at about 3m 14s in this video (though there are doubtless better examples)

I guess if you need to slap to avoid a drain, then NOT flipping is unusual. It seems difficult that you’d just dead bounce from a slap save.

what why whaaaaat

I reckon what you mean is something along the lines of “Will you explain this concept further, because I fail to see its purpose.”

I have noticed that if the ball approches the flippers near as described in the illustration, the right flipper either cannot touch the ball, or it’s a close call, risky. Flipping the right flipper would more probable make the ball drain after it bounces off the tip of the left flipper. The ball path is high enough to make a save neccesary, but too low for a slap save to make any sense. So, the best thing to do is to help the left flipper reach the ball in its dead position. Nudge on left side of the machine.

Makes sense? Makes no sense?

No need to nudge. On the fly alley pass or on the fly tap pass if on a Bally. So you will be using the button for this.

I just can’t see any instance where this would be either the best approach, or the only approach, to save a ball going sdtm.

If a dead slap bounce save is going to work (in this diagram), the ball will have to hit far enough up the left flipper to bounce across to the right flipper. For that to work the ball couldn’t just hit the tip of the left flipper or it wouldn’t bounce far and high enough across unless you flipped anyway.
If the ball would hit high enough up the flipper to be saved following just a slap, it would certainly be saveable by simply flipping the flipper, and even more so by flipping the flipper in conjunction with a slap.

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Love tap?

This isn’t really topical to the “tip of the flipper” argument, but I play on plenty of location beaters where unless you give the game a forward jab while dead bouncing, the bounce will not be enough to make it over. (Crap flippers? Dead rubbers? I dunno) So this concept of dead bouncing with force has some merit.

Some call it nudging.


I did this at INDISC, but it was not on purpose, it was a failed slap save where I just missed the button. I was simultaneously pissed I missed the flipper and relieved that the ball was slap-nudged to safety. It probably looked really cool and I played it off as I did it on purpose. :man_shrugging: