Skill Shot Pincast!

Hey guys! I started a pinball podcast (pincast) with Team Skill Shot and I would love if you all checked it out. We talk about Wrestlemania with Kevin and nerd out about pinball. Give it a listen! More episodes to follow. It’s really fun and I am super into doing this.


Congrats on the launch! I’ll listen to it on the commute this morning.

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Listening now! And you guys know that Walking Dead code is being updated right? I think Stern posted it but I know that for a fact :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the episode. You guys are off to a good start.

Thanks for listening guys! We’re working on the next one on Monday.
Didn’t know about the TWD updated code Gene. Thanks for sharing. Stern banned me from their page a while ago so I don’t see their updates anymore. Meh.

that’s a badge of honor - I think Jared unbanned everyone who was banned (or I think he was gonna do that right after he took over). Not that you won’t hear whatever news Stern has here or from folks up there. Looking forward to Ep 2 and good luck this weekend!

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Downloading now! Thanks!

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That’s actually really good that people are unbanned. I looked at Stern’s page and so far I like what I see. Seems like they got a handle on their social media presence and are improving their relationship with pinball fans.

Episode #2 is live folks!! Graham and I talk with guest Aaron McAbee about the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show (NWPAS) and play an awesome challenge of Pinball Game or Medical Marijuana Strain which was harder than we thought. Give it a listen and get pumped for the convention show! Subscribe in iTunes and all that jazz too. There is more to come.,8344


So it’s occurred to me that I’m no longer banned from Stern on FB, but I am barred from comment. They’ll let me look at their posts, but they don’t want me to chime in. Really confusing to me. One of their posts last week was Stern displaying cultural sensitivity by softening the shape of the SS in KISS for their German customers, though they still don’t want to know how women feel about their products. Or at least this one.

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Could be an oversight. Jared Guynes appears to be in charge of Stern’s social media presence. You might try emailing him?

The “softer” SS is actually required by German law, but also matches the way the band’s logo is usually presented there.

I really like the podcast, keep it up.

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Skill Shot Pincast episode #3!

In this episode it’s just me and Graham silver spit balling. We talk about the behemoth that is the Seattle pinball tournament calendar, recap the women’s Powder Puff tournament at Shorty’s last month and teach you how to play Lord of the Rings if you don’t already know.

It’s a short episode so give it a listen!


Don’tcha know that Bobby Conover​ was Graham Klym​ and I’s guest for Skill Shot Pincast​ #5? Well strap in listeners. We’ve got a big time operaaaator clocking in at just over an hour to educate you dudes on what it’s like on the OTHER side of the glass.

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Episode 6 went live on Wednesday with our guest Alexa. We tackle women and sexism in pinball. Give it a listen.

Episode 7 comes out on August 12th and features Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies and Darren Hanlon from Australia. Two musicians talking about their pinball addiction. Mark your calendars!


Darren Hanlon is awesome. Looking forward to E7.

Thanks for putting these out.

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Darren is rad! He swung by a weekly in Portland while he was in town and ended up winning the whole shebang. Excited to hear what he has to say.

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I enjoyed the podcast and the discussion around women in pinball. On a related note: today one of my all time favorite blogs posted an article about Belles and Chimes:

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Oh that’s awesome to hear about Darren, Zoe! Graham did that interview and I haven’t heard it yet, but I’ll be sure to mention that if it wasn’t already said.

@Artimage I read that this morning. It’s so great!

Thanks for listening everybody!

The article also gave a quick shoutout/link to this very website (without naming it, unfortunately) right at the end. Let’s see if Tilt Forums experiences a membership bump…