Silicone feet on four legs or two?

Can’t find any discussion of this, and would like some feedback. I am managing 2 pin locations, including a 30+ machine location inside of a MOMs grocery store in College Park MD. Concrete floors in the game room.

I bought a bunch of the silicone feet to keep the machines from sliding too much. But I can’t decide if it’s better to “feet” just the front legs of every machine, or all four legs?

In the smaller location (12 machines), I inherited feet on the front legs only. It stops the machine from moving too much in the front, but the back legs still move. No silicone on the back legs means the machines are easy to pull out for cleaning and service.

I have tried silicone feet on all four legs at home and on a couple of machines in the big location. The pin doesn’t move at all! This is good and bad. Good that it can’t be shoved around. Bad because to pull it out for cleaning or to readjust it at all is difficult. The back needs to be lifted, trying to push the machine into place flexes the back legs quite a bit before it moves, and I have read concerns about cabinets that eventually split.

So what do you folks do? Four feet or two?

Thank you!

We just do the front two in these parts.

However. If your worrying about cabinets splitting, rubber feet might not be best in a location with lots of play and players that like to move games around. That added torque on the machine can’t be good for the cabinet joints.

Make sure tilts are reasonably tight. That will limit the excessive violet nudging hopefully.