Shipping a Wedgehead

Hello Tilters.

I am about to ship my grandparents High Hand from Indiana to Oregon. I have shipped with NAVl before and may just go that route. I am curious, this game is currently in pieces in my mother’s garage. Wedgeheads are a little smaller, should I just go Navl and have my family put the legs back on and strap the head to the body while protecting the game or is there a better way to ship this slightly smaller game? Better = safe and cheap.

Thanks in advance Tilters on these tilting forums.


Stop off in Chicago so I can look at it . . . I promise no harm will come to the game (my fingers are totally crossed behind my back) :slight_smile:


I told him earlier he should ship it straight to you.

Strapping the wedge to the machine is a pretty good idea. Putting a thin protective layer (a blanket or bubble wrap maybe) between the wedge and the glass could help prevent potential damage. Personally I prefer removing legs for extended transport, but I do mostly car travel, I’m not sure if it’s different with shipping.