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What’s the breakdown of the 40x shot?

I haven’t played KISS in a while, so this might not be 100% correct, however:

  1. get 10X playfield from completing 4 (?!) songs
  2. get 2X multiplier on the Demon (I can’t remember how the multipliers are lit)
  3. start the KISS Army thingy. When the KISS Army Super Jackpot is lit: go for a 2X combo (probably middle ramp -> Demon)

Voila, there you go: a ~4.2B-shot. It’s a piece of cake! :slight_smile: I’ll do it in the Pinburgh finals 2020.

I’m on facebook now (well, the account is a few years old actually)!

Feel free to send a friend request. I will accept any pinball-related friend-requests. For (obvious?) reasons I’m not using my real name (Stefan Andersson) on facebook (some intriguing secrets on rules and/or exploits MIGHT be posted there, you never know…)

… I have an indefinite break from playing pinball atm. But I can’t just erase pinball from my mind. :expressionless: