Setting up Oktoberfest for league?

The bar where I run one of my leagues has and Oktoberfest on loan (as we lead in Oktoberfest).

Anyway, anything I should be doing settings wise to make this approach for best game league night?

The biggest issue we’ve run into when using Oktoberfest in tournaments is that the game can play long if the only strategy people have worked out is Juggler, which is a multiball mode that can be picked over and over until the player completes the mode(?). It’s not necessarily the most lucrative strategy on the machine, but we’ve started pulling it because everyone just took forever starting a multiball, then immediately relighting TENT once they’d drained back to one ball, then starting the multiball again.


jack it up; turn ball saver of (including on the modes) and remove inner first post rubber and you are good to go.

one feedback for American pinball is they need to do a lot more on the settings option of their games.


Doesn’t increasing the pitch render the beer barrel ramp impossible to make?

quite possibly. We had some pre-tournament games and found one ball went on for 15-20 minutes, I didn’t have time to finesse the game for tournament play (was at a venue that wasn’t one we use regularly) so I just went for what usually works. game time was much more acceptable.

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Even without Juggler all day, the game plays long. Taking at least 1 +TENT Lanes stein makes lighting modes take 2 scoop shots, which can be dialed in to a consistent bounce-trap-shoot cycle. There’s enough other features that patient players will measure shots and pick apart the multiballs methodically. Good balls also ramp up quickly into multiple multiballs (ducks).


This is a terrible strategy for points, but if you want to nerf it anyway, Juggling Shots to Win can be set to 1… meaning that as soon as a single lit shot is made, the tent is “won” and can’t be played again.

Besides lowering the standard ball saver time and the ball saver times for all multiballs, consider increasing Settings > Oktoberfest > Initial Outlane Target Hits for Save. Default is 3, but perhaps go to 5 if you think games are running long.

Or, y’know, the typical Install Competition, Install (Extra) Hard should pretty much do the trick.

Can you clarify this request? I don’t think it’s a lack of adjustments; there are about 70 Feature adjustments on Oktoberfest, and a pretty familiar set of Standard adjustments. Also the expected array of Install {Extra Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard}, Install Competition, Install Home, etc. Each of the preset installs summarizes exactly what settings are installed by that preset before you execute the install.

What are we missing?

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The first thing I looked for was the install hard settings and I couldn’t find it - but in your defence I was up against it time wise (15 machines that needed to be looked at!) so could easily have missed it. If that’s there then perfect (and apologies) and withdraw the above request! American Pinball games are rare in the UK and this was the first I had come across one in a tournament. Good news is folks loved the game even though I’d made it very challenging.


For your future reference: Settings > Presets. It’s a little “gears” icon.

One of the nice things you can do in that menu is save your current settings off to a USB stick and then restore them later… so for example if you’re taking over a location machine for a tournament, you can first insert a USB stick and choose Settings > Presets > Save Settings… then do your installs and/or adjustments for the tournament. When the tournament is over, put the USB stick back in and choose Settings > Presets > Import Settings, and the previous settings will be restored.

Great, glad to hear it!


Just to clarify, you can save the current settings right on the system, you don’t need a USB. This will replace any existing saved settings. So from the service menu to go settings->presets (small gear), do ‘save settings’, make changes for your event, then after the event ‘import settings’ and things should be right back to how they were.