Seeking knowledge on The Getaway quirkiness and oddities

The Getaway is on the bench and the torch is red hot.

Looking for expert information on these specific cases.

L-5 ROM behaviour only!

  1. Are Supercharger mode known to mess up Trafik lights status, or locks made status?

  2. Are Red line mania known to mess up Trafik lights status? (Assume no jackpots made)

  3. Do Tournament play status affect the Burn rubber awards?

  4. Are a (pity) multiball more frequently awarded on Burn rubber on ball 3.

  5. Are there any bugs specific to multi player games? Like locks made by one player being messed up due to play by another player.


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Is L5 the version with the secret mania “Lock Block”?

No that is L2.

This one needs some work for sure, at least fixing the bugs.

@pinwizj won’t even let us use mine for IFPA 2018 cause of the issues.

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Do you have a T2 you can swap in?


or maybe TNG?


No jackpots? Shouldn’t affect multiball

Yes, they are in a fixed sequence for pretty much every known version. Something like 5M, RPM, Video Mode, Spot Gear, Multiball. Might have a couple of those mixed up.

True for all versions, but not in tournament mode.

I don’t believe there are cross-player issues.

This whole thing has been discussed constantly. My personal opinion is L-2 generally works the best if you don’t take secret mania. You shouldn’t be taking it anyway, so you kind of deserve whatever the heck you get. The L-5 multiball restart business is just bizarre and stupid.

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This is what I tell people who take the Gun skill shot on DH and the ball dribbles out.

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And fixed… Now let’s tie the loose ends.

Thanks for the explaination. Thanks to all of you.

Are you also looking into the endless ball save bug?

That issue is only known for the L-2 ROM, isn’t it.

I had thought it was in all of them but I could certainly be wrong, its so hard to keep track.

I just got the endless FREE RIDE Multiball bug tonight during a tournament game. Locked 1st ball, then hit Burn Rubber which awarded Multiball, lit FREE RIDE as normal. After about 20secs I realize the FREE RIDE light is still flashing and balls are being returned. Notify TD, watches me play some more and light didn’t go off. Tilted ball… Next player steps up and is greeted with an endless ball saver. Turned game off and started play on a diff game. Was fun to actually get the bug and see it in action.

Where can one find all of this info pertaining to bugs in games? Haha

A bug thread? What a great idea. Someone should make one up.

There are more places than an Internet forum where that information might be found. That’s all I was asking for. There was also a fair amount of sarcasm loaded into that comment.

Troll elsewhere.

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I found the non-exhaustive thread for you, Todd. This way you don’t have to work too hard to find it.

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I think I’ve posted on that thread a few times Brian. Thanks though for your hard troll effort.
Lots of sarcasm in my comment too.

Not sure which ROM revision it was on, but encountered a strange bug I had never seen before on Getaway in tournament play last night:


  • Ball 1
  • Player 3
  • I had locked 1 ball and I think a previous player had also locked one (so two balls in the lock area)
  • Redline Mania was lit

I then made a sloppy/weak shot to the left ramp. It was enough to trigger the redline mania start sequence but the ball didn’t actually made it far enough to get grabbed by the accelerator and came screaming back down the ramp to an immediate right outlane drain. The redline mania sequence continued to play and when it finished the machine began kicking out balls for multiball but at the same time it started tallying my end of ball bonus on the DMD. I immediately trapped up and waited. After the bonus count finished player 4’s ball began. At this point I had one ball trapped on the left flipper and there was another ball sitting in the plunger. Called the TD over and was instructed to drain the trapped ball. At this point the game seemed to return to mostly normal and player 4 was able to play their first ball as usual.