See .. Pinball is a sport!

Competitive pinball is a sport!

Well, according to Auckland University it is!

Danni has just been accepted to the University of Auckland High Performance Sport Program.

This caters to high achieving sportspeople who attend the University. Lots of Olympians, and national and international rugby and soccer players. And now #1 Ranked Woman Pinball players. :slight_smile:

As part of the program, she has access to the Gym and personal trainers, a support fund to help her compete overseas, “sports leadership” sessions, and special allowances for missing classes or exams.

Boom! Pinball for the win!



That’s awesome!

So cool. Very happy for her and your family :slight_smile:

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Personal trainers for pinball?
“Widen that stance!”
“More aggressive nudging!”
How many slide save reps to do each day? :wink:


To be fair, hand conditioning is a part of some martial arts studies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something of the sort!

CWhat she needs in order to take her game to that next level, is a personal trainer.

We Patreon backers nominate @bkerins … Now that would be a great tutorial. I heard the toilets don’t even drain properly down there — what chance does a pinball have?

In all seriousness though, congratulations and good luck!

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Wow! That is fantastic. Congratulations to Danni. What an accomplishment. Good luck to her.

Good stuff.

In case anyone needs any more evidence…


That’s huge news! That’s a big step forward for competitive pinball.

Congrats to Zach.


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How sweet BIG congrats !!..………Go girl !! ……She must have your smarts-Lol-
Dave I follow all your postings on the trips you and the girls take and post about at “that other pinball website”
Keep it up and keep flippin

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Wow this is absolutely fantastic!!
Rad opportunity!

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That’s a big step forward for all our youth players!

Way to lead the way Danni!


Congratulations, Danni!