Seawitch needs to be harder.

Hey all.
Been working of fixing up my Seawitch. Getting close to complete but I notice it is a pretty forgiving, long playing machine.

What wold you do to make it harder? I host league and don’t want this game to drag on forever.

I removed the rubbers on the outlane starposts but I’m wondering if I should remove the posts all together

I made the tilt sensitive and have jacked up the back legs already.

Any other suggestions or simply remove the 2 outlane starposts?

I was going to add pics but not seeing that option?

Of course you have extra balls turned off?

I used to think that jacking the slope made games harder, but there’s something to be said for the ‘floaty’ you get with the shallower slope on some games, and I think SW is one of them. I never really jacked it up and I get plenty of drains, and I’ve been playing some similar era Bally’s from that time as well that are a bit floaty… watching the ball travel in a perfect arc knowing you can’t do a damn thing to stop it drain, argh. But strangely makes the game more fun.

Shorter flippers might help as well, if lightning bats will fit in there. Change the whole feel of them though.


Thanks for the suggestions. I forget about EB but in league you cant play your EB’s anyways. I think you are right. Sometimes less pitch allows for more side to side outlane draining. I don’t want to go the lightning flipper route but that would make it harder for sure.


Floatier also means more difficult to trap up


That makes sense!

I posted here as well and you can see pics. Going to remove the 2 small post rubbers as well.

changing the outlane post from plastic star post to skinny metal or no post at all makes a world of difference!

I have the outlane posts out on mine. With some games, that’s really punishing, but the design of the slingshots on Seawitch is such that the ball doesn’t go into that area as frequently as most games.


Seawitch is my longest playing SS game.
If you watch this footage here you can see how hard and fast the game can be

I think i’ve figured out that almost all of the speed in the game is generated off the pop bumpers. Mine was suffering from some low power issues and also needed the pops cleaned.
It is still not as nasty as the one in the video and I am thinking I should change the coils to slightly higher power


Sweet thanks guys.

The machine in that video is super fast. I like it! I realized that I can jack up my back legs a bit higher on mine so I think I will try that. I will also double check my pop bumper switches and make sure they are clean and adjusted well (they are very responsive now so they are likely good but does not hurt to double check).

If I still need more pain and suffering then I will consider removing the outlane starposts!