Seattle Pinball League Finals!

This Saturday is the 2019 Seattle Pinball League Finals which will be streamed in its entirety at

Starts Saturday December 7th at 10am pacific time and goes till it’s over around 10pm pacific time. Stream will be live that whole time so tune on in to catch the exciting MEGA LADDER SURVIVOR-STYLE FINALS!!

Why is it a MEGA LADDER? Well, because instead of one game deciding your fate per rung on the bracket, you are given up to 3. First game is a 4 player game, the WINNER gains Immunity and automatically moves on to the next level in the ladder. The remaining 3 players play a 3 player game, with the winner of that getting a ticket into the next round as well. Finally, a 2 player elimination game is played to decide who stays and who goes. Repeat for all 13 steps on the ladder!

Dirty Harry
Mustang premium
Stern Black Knight Pro
Captain Fantastic

In addition to the main event on Saturday, we will be streaming the Wildcard Playoff on Friday night December 6th starting around 7:45pm pacific which is a chance for those who finished 16th-24th in the league to claim the 16th spot in the finals. It’s set up identical to main finals except it’s a mini-ladder: 3 player game then a 2 player game then you’re out!

Tune in to the stream and watch some exciting Seattle pinball action!


I love everything about this format, and the league set up as a whole. It seems super rad.


The brackets for Wild-Card and Finals are here:
Wild-Card (Fri):
Finals (Sat):