Seattle Pinball League Finals Live Stream - Saturday Dec 9


The Seattle Pinball League is hosting its annual finals, an innovative ladder format with each round having the players duke it out in a four player game, then a three player game, then a two player game, with one player gaining immunity each game, securing their advancement the to the next round. After the two player game, one person eliminated each round, with one person joining the next round from the bracket. One champion when it’s all over!

Full information regarding stream info, finals rules, bracket / standings available here:


Friday Dec 8th 7:30pm PST Wildcard playoff for 16th seed
Saturday, Dec 9th MAIN EVENT Streaming all day starting at 10am PST (usually goes until midnight or later PST)

Game List:
Jack * Bot
Road Show
Harlem Globetrotters
The Walking Dead (Pro)
Flash Gordon

Be sure to tune in if you have a chance, should be a blast!


Wildcard stream live now.


Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in, the event and stream ran really well! I’ve highlighted all of the finals so it should be available for view on my twitch channel forever (or so they tell me). Check out some of the sweet clips people made!

Oh, and this happened as well:


I did like the J*B dirty pool from Raymond :wink:


Best and most ridiculous 4 player game of the tournament (warning it’s like 30 minutes long)


especially the craziest casino run i have ever seen!