SCS Prep

Good luck to everyone competing in the upcoming SCS! This is my first time qualifying. Just wanted to kick off a discussion on how everyone is prepping for the big day. Do you prepare for SCS day any differently than other tournaments?

Insert Rocky training montage here

Main thing I do is get there with enough time to play one game or at least a couple balls on each game. Test the tilt, see how the ball is bouncing etc.

Then have fun! My favorite event of the year.


If your State Rep isn’t giving you 30 seconds of practice before each game, yell at them because they should be :slight_smile:


I believe we are getting an hour before the event to practice. Games are on route at a bar so we’d have to coin drop for the 30 seconds :frowning:

I’m just hoping to see a games list fairly soon as I’ve never been to the venue and I think some local players may be bringing in some games as well.

As for practice, I just keep my same routine. Don’t go oveboard as that can actually hurt more than help. If you know the games ahead of time try to play like era games at min. I.E. if it’s mainly modern games don’t practice ahead of time on just SS and EM’s or visa versa. Overall just have fun.

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Most of us just forget this is an option and just get straight to battling. But good reminder.

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Wake up early, have coffee, go out for breakfast, triple check you didn’t draw Cryss again (first time in 3 years).

Pinball practice is irrelevant; either I’m gonna have it or not.


No additional prep needed, this is why you played pinball for all of 2018 :grinning:

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Also, this:✓&region=houston&by_location_id=6492

Funny you say this. Here is my training video from 2 years ago when I was playing my buddy Rodney in the first round.


Thanks, I thought I heard that some locals may be bringing some games as well. I must have been mistaken.

That is great! I am paired up with a good league buddy of mine and dollar game partner in the first round. Wish I thought of something this creative!

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Playing-related prep: Pretty much none. I’ll try to make sure I’m dialed on critical stuff like AC/DC ramps, Black Jack tap pass, etc., but that will mostly be happening in the 1-hr warmup before the tournament and the 30-second warmups as needed.

TD-related prep: Doesn’t feel like too much, but I bet it’ll be kind of a long list. Let’s find out.

  • Moved in an additional machine; 1 over capacity now for the time being, so we can have a backup
  • Ordered some parts, including a stupid new TWD star rollover opto that should be shipping from Stern today
  • Printed out the full bracket (thanks, Staples)
  • Printed out score sheets
  • Emailed all players with the latest details (waitlist, game list, etc.)
  • Scheduled repair and cleaning for this week (Tues, Thurs, and Fri night)
  • Scheduled time to make last-minute adjustments Friday
  • Put payouts in envelopes
  • Bought trophies for spots 2 through 4
  • Scheduled a trip to buy snacks on Thursday
  • Wrote a note with a list of announcements for the start of the tournament
  • Will deposit the IFPA SCS check when it arrives today (thanks, @pinwizj and USPS Informed Delivery)

The hardest stuff on this list is the stuff I’ll get the most help with – repairs – so I really can’t complain.


I don’t know Steve, kinda sounds like you have an unfair advantage!

True. I can choose snacks that help me the most. :slight_smile:


This is cool to see how much prep work goes into the TD side of SCS. Easy to forget about it as players focusing on our own performances. Thanks for sharing!


I’m heading to Staples later today to print out my full bracket, which includes playing out all 16 spots. Which size did you use to print this out?

36" x 48" or whatever the next size > 24" x 36" is. It was $8, FYI.

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