Scammy looking crypto project using Iron Maiden pinball in their promo video

Careful, this is very cringy. They took the original down because of backlash, don’t know if this mirror will stay up. Enjoy. Cryptoland presentation mirror - YouTube

Pinball starts at minute 09:30.

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Posted this to the forum earlier before deciding to delete it. I can confirm the project is very much a scam, and this isn’t the only plagiarism I’ve seen in it…

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Yeah, it’s awful. Suddenly seeing that live action Iron Maiden gameplay footage during a CGI movie, accompanied by the Super Mario soundtrack, intercut with that weird modified playfield art, gave me a good laugh, though.

I emailed Zach Sharpe about it a couple weeks ago

Video and project is hilariously bad and got some solid coverage mocking it early in the year

Crypto, not even once

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This reminds me that someone sent me this:

And I was like “ok then”. I guess “Play to Earn” really is the new buzzword in all forms of gaming.

On a related note, I wonder how long until NFTs are in the prize pool for tournaments…

Maybe big ones but small ones may not want to deal with the tax issues

NFTs won’t ever be in the prize pool because NFTs are worthless and all going to zero


Player: “Is there a trophy for winning this thing?”

TD: “No, you will win the receipt for a trophy”

Player: “But there will be a monetary prize,right?”

TD: “Oh of course. The winner will take home $0 or $500. We don’t know which”

I don’t know – I don’t see it catching on

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Are video games or any other sports awarding NFT’s for prizes?

I’d rate an Avatar translite as a better prize than an NFT.

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