Safecracker - Pro Tips

Hey guys,

Farsight is now looking for some pro tips for Safecracker.

Feel free to email me or post to this thread if you want to share any tips, as well as whether you want to be credited for those tips on the game or prefer to be anonymous.


Collect the virtual magic token!

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Well, alright. Safecracker is kinda weird in that, arguably, the goal of the game is really to get magic tokens rather than to get points… similar to many old EM’s where the idea was really to rack up a lot of specials. The main way to get magic tokens is to get into the Vault on the board game, which will award at least one and possibly several tokens. (There are a couple other ways to get tokens, but they’re pretty much random.)

Early in the game, the clock moves slowly, so there’s plenty of time. Use the opportunity to complete the A-L-A-R-M targets at least once (since you’ll frequently start the board game via the main entrance, so shutting off alarm #1 is the most useful). Also try to shoot the vari-target at least twice to collect the ATM card (doubles the value of all ATM’s on the board game) and Note to Teller (prevents the teller from blowing you out of the board game). Finally, shoot the ramp a few times (it’s loopable) to collect enough donuts to be worthwhile if you need to bribe the guard … it’s around 5, though I’m not quite sure about that. Then you might as well keep shooting the left shot (Bob’s Getaway) which will spot you a drop target and send the ball back up to the top rollovers, where you can collect A-B-C (worth either 5 minutes or a donut) and then fall into the pop bumpers to rack up time and drop targets. (In fact, shooting the left shot anytime you start getting low on time is useful for this same reason.) Once lock is lit, shoot the ramp to lock a ball and then soft-plunge to let the ball fall down past the right mini-flipper to the lower right flipper, where you can shoot the bank entrance to (hopefully) start the board game.

Once in the board game, it’s pretty much random. Good luck. If you get to the Vault, you’ll get at least one token, and start Vault or Token Multiball. Both are similar - alternate the ramp for jackpot and the spinning disc to relight jackpot - but Token gives a token in addition to points when you shoot the lit ramp. (Token Multiball is qualified by spelling V-A-U-L-T, which accumulates over multiple games until someone completes it and gets Token Multiball, after which the V-A-U-L-T letters reset.)

TNT multiball, if you get it (several ways to do so), is pretty much a frenzy that adds time to the clock. I’d keep shooting the left orbit/Bob’s Getaway to keep the balls in the rollovers and pops.

Other miscellaneous tidbits:

  • If you get the Guard Dog during the board game, you’ll return to pinball mode and be challenged to shoot a board entrance with X seconds to restart the board game. While the timer runs, you’ll be running around the game board (the lights there will show you where you are)… wherever you are when you shoot a board entrance is where you’ll resume the board game. This can actually be quite useful… trap the ball on a flipper (easy drop catch if you started from the main entrance) and wait until your light on the board game is near where you want to be (an open vault entrance) and then shoot the main entrance. You’ll need to lead your shot a bit, since the backbox lights move quickly. If you miss, just trap up and try again… there’s plenty of time, as long as you don’t drain.

  • If you get Candy 2000 during the board game, useful codes include DOG (dog biscuit), NOT (note to teller), and KEY (unlocks the vault gate). There’s also something that immediately awards a token, but it’s rarely seen and I forget what it is.

  • If you get a token and put it back into the machine, you get to play Assault on the Vault, which is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT GAME. Basically a 90 second super-frenzy where everything is lit. I tend to think the best approach here is to loop the ramp over and over for jackpots, and let the other balls pick up random stuff as they fly around.

Safecracker is a terrible competition game but a fun party game… enjoy. :smile:

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I’m pretty sure VLT and MOO both award VAULT letters which is nothing to be ashamed of (re: Candy 2000). TNT will bail out to TNT multiball, which is great if you’re a longass way away from an entrance and have no time. The token award might be TOK but I don’t remember for sure.

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