Sad news from ReplayFX

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This is such a fucking huge bummer. My heart goes out to everyone there, as I’m sure it’s even worse for them. Pinburgh has risen from the ashes before and I hope it does again.


heart breaker, such a sad news! hopefully there is a future where we all come back stronger from this!


Damn it 2020.

I’m very sorry to hear the news. Like many here I’m sure, attending ReplayFX and playing in Pinburgh was one of the highlights of my year.

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Truly saddened but not really surprised considering the ongoing expenses and the missed income from cancelled events. Wish the whole crew well and many thanks for everything you have done and hopefully will continue to do in some form or another to promote pinball.


Frankly, devastating.

I’d go into more detail but everyone has the same shitty feels I’m sure. Certainly nothing I say will make it better.

So yeah.



There’s gotta be something we can do to save them. We can’t just let this happen without a fight.


Shrinking down to near-zero physical assets might be what saves them. I’m no accountant, but maintaining & insuring all those games & real estate, without show income, is a death sentence. Liquidate today, live tomorrow.


They are taking offers of interest for a bulk purchase of the parts of the collection they’re liquidating. I’d imagine it’s a steep price tag, but I think if there was a proposed owner’s group of pinball fanatics it’d be a hard offer to turn down. Whoever did it would be signing up for a big job for sure. Not sure there’s another alternative, though.

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Maybe Stern and JJP can join forces to save it!

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Some games are already sold. If anyone is interested in pricing, you can contact me at

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Doug - the games used at Pinburgh are the same games used for PAPA events, is that correct?

Curious if a go fund me would raise the $500k needed. 5000 people each pitching in $100 doesn’t seem impossible


That is correct.

Doug - how much of a gap in finances is there? What would it take to keep this show running?


Gutted does not begin to capture my feelings right now.


Oh f–- no. All my favorite hobbies are crumbling away.

The GAP is pretty significant. I don’t have all the details, but it is more that the chairman / board though we could overcome.

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This is crushingly sad news. Is this based on an assumption that a 2021 show might not go ahead, or would covering funds just until next summer not even be enough?

ReplayFX and the staff there have led the way for so long now I just can’t imagine how things look without you guys around.

As others have mentioned, a rough figure for keeping the lights on for another 12 months might help with establishing the viability of fundraising? I expect there are more in the community willing to help out than you might have anticipated.

Refunds scheduled to go out over the next 12 weeks…