Rush general thread

Wanted to discuss my take on the whole “this layout has been done before, originality in pinball is dead!” complaint I’ve seen with this game. John Borg likes to use ideas that have worked before, and there’s nothing wrong with that - why not keep what worked while experimenting a bit? IMO it’s a very natural progression from game to game. Plus I could’ve sworn that we had this exact same complaint with people accusing Iron Man & Walking Dead of being ripoffs of the layout of Austin Powers, yet both of those games withstood the test of time very well, so I’m not sure I’m seeing what’s so bad about doing a similar layout. If I’m in the wrong here let me know, but frankly I’m just happy to be getting more pinball.

TL;DR Just because a pinball machine, or anything really, is similar to something else doesn’t mean it has no worth.


The side scoop and drop targets change the game entirely from X-men IMO

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I’ve also seen accusations of it being “flipped TMNT” but like that game has such a good layout already?

And yeah, the side scoop is very nice. X-Men having a single bumper from that upper flipper didn’t really make much sense, at least until they added Gambit, but still.

I haven’t played many games, but I’m not seeing any of those games.

Side/ Lower scoop
Upper loop repeatable from upper right flipper
Left orbit shot through pops
Three ramps
Center ramp is major shot

That’s Ripley’s.

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