Running a Tournament with Scorbit

TLDR; Scorbit is epic.

I have a pinball shed at my house; it houses about 20-22 games. I run an annual event for 44 people, hire a marquee and posh toilets my wife does an epic curry and BBQ chicken that would make a texan happy.

80% of the games have scorbit within them (all the stern games have IC also). It’s a glorious thing:

First off during commentary we know the scores of nearly all of the games and can press a button on matchplay and bing - the scores and results are there.

Elvira rebooted, didn’t come back with the scores, had all the scores in scorbit. ball one was done and player 1 had a huge score that he would have lost otherwise.

Can tell the state of all the games in each round, what ball what player, players can come out of the shed into the marque and scorbit on the big display tells them when its their ball. We then had a power cut to the street whilst two games were running during strikes tournament - Scorbit had the scores, we had to call it a night early and hoped the power would be back in the morning, luckily it was, Now both games had the scores when the game booted and we were able to continue anyway but if they hadn’t we had the scores from scorbit.

just such a useful tool and my only wish, Scorbit could pull the names of the players from Matchplay for display on Scorbitvision, and two, CGC was supported for Scorbit.

Jay and the team have done an epic job with scorbit and I wish more folks would work with them.

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I can vouch for this :slight_smile:

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Several hundred per machine to add this plus a subscription fee is a tough one to swallow for massive tournament implementation.


Sure but if you think you’ll have a large number of games for ten years or so…