Run to the Hills Challenge

Mostly to give myself some more motivation to actually get Run to the Hills i hereby post this thread.

Who else is in on a challenge to get Run to the Hills? @sk8ball ? And who has made it to Run to the Hills? The closest I’ve been is (as far as I remember) eight tomb awards with “only” a 6-way-combo to go. The missing Eddie Card Level 2 (from 2MTM) would haven been spotted on the 9th tomb award, right?!

I haven’t played Iron Maiden much the last 8-10 months and I will have to “practice” a bit before I have a real chance of actually making it. Hopefully I’ll get it before june. We’ll see.

I’ve had the last tomb lit 3 times and have bricked it all 3 times. It’s madness.

You can do it! :slight_smile: May the force be with you.

I have reached it twice with video evidence in my YouTube channel.



I’ve made it there 2 or 3 times on my Maiden at home, but I’ve never hit it on location. Love that the rules for the multiball are a blend of the 3 other major multiballs (Trooper, Mummy, Cyborg); really cool design.

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As we all know “on location” is a different story. :slight_smile: But it’s impressive reaching it at home. Well played!

I’m doing an attempt now, and I’m tracking my stats as I go.

Here’s my google sheet for tracking if anyone is interested…

Thoughts on making this an “official” challenge? I was thinking we could setup a global leaderboard, with the goal of getting the RTTH in as few attempts as possible.


Looks like an awesome thing to track! These are the type of stats I like to see.

No idea where I’m at with everything, but I’m up to at least 3,000 curses on my current run in about 45 legit attempts.


Well, I freaking got it on my 8th attempt!!! I was prepared for this whole long protracted campaign with data analytics and whatnot and I got it on attempt 8. This was supposed to entertain me during quarantine. WTF!!!

I set up a cool stream layout to track progress. If anyone else wants to use it, you can download the assets here:


Try it with EBs off