Ruling question

MM- ball stuck behind castle lock door. When freeing ball it triggered the switch so when the ball was put back in the shooter it started MB.

Ball ended in that position after castle was destroyed.

Play on…

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I had a related situation recently - - MM playing MB, destroyed castle, but a second ball got stuck behind the door in the process [I was shooting multiple balls at the gate to open it]. I was still in MB and called TD over. Ruling was to play on subject to priority of shooting the gate to trigger ball release; if I failed in that, then he’d try to remove ball. I hit the gate and the ball came out, MB resumed normally. I think I would have made the same call myself if I were the TD.

I believe it is a mistake to replace stock ball in the shooter lane. It may trigger all sorts of wierd behaviour and spurious points/progress awarded. Mind you a game with auto plunger will try to plunge the ball several times with coil power off.

I’ll say: Extended flipper of choice. And that goes for all balls in play. Why is this not the common practise? Seen as too much of an advantage?

A stock ball situation is already a disadvantage - distraction, break in the rhythm. And if turned to an advantage by the player, he will have some sort of point deduction or punishment.

Many (most?) league and tournament locations do not have the coin door power interlock disabled, so it’s not possible to put the ball on a flipper.

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As Joe said, placing the ball Into the shooter lane was our only option. Could have dropped the ball into the castle trough but placing the ball in the shooter lane for any stuck ball eliminates gray areas for the TD.