Ruling question: Starting appropriate number of players

The IFPA/PAPA rule set is pretty clear on what to do in the event that the appropriate umber of players are not added-- the game is scratched and restarted. At league last night, this happened and the players did not catch until after ball 2 had started. Of course, one player had a monster ball 1. I had to unfortunately tell him the game was null and they would have to start over. However, when I restarted the game, it became immediately apparent why the problem happened. The game was WWE, and when you start a game, it is impossible to tell how many players have been added because the DMD immediately displays the wrestler choices instead of the usual "0"s for each player. Apparently there is an auditory cue, but you can’t hear it in a loud bar. What is the correct ruling in this case? If players can’t tell how many players are added to a game, should they be faulted for not adding the correct number of players?

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Correct ruling imo. I think if you hold the flipper down eventually the scores will appear and you can confirm the right number of players have started. I’d verify and then let everyone know to do that on that game in the future.

When you put in another player, the display will light up with PLAYER TWO at the time of hitting start. But it’s quick and harder to notice than usual.

Even if this is noticed in the middle of P1’s ball 1 you should still start over, or it becomes insurance against a bad P1 ball 1.

Solution: don’t play WWE. :smiley:


Put in 4 credits, hit the button until it stops being lit. Or look/listen for the “Player X” cues.

Unfortunately, its the correct ruling. Sounds like someone got to play Tag Team a bit early :slightly_smiling:

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You would be surprised. It’s a very decent game with the last code update.

I’ll give WWE another chance then. But we don’t have any WWE on location or in anyone’s collection in Austin that I’m aware of.

I think they’re still selling them…:grin:

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