Ruling question Fire! GOT

I had two things happen yesterday, one was an official ruling I made, and the other was a decision I made on my own play/game.

First was on a game of Fire! A player had a ball pass through the trough and come back to the shooter lane (it appears). I said play on. Should I have opened the game and placed the ball in the trough, and if it kicked back into the shooter lane, then say play on?

I was playing game of thrones and short plunged after a ball lock, hit a stand up and drained down the middle. I walked away pissed for draining my ball. What I didn’t remember/realize was that the playfield wasn’t validated yet, and I was served up a new ball. What I decided to do was to purposefully drain my ball and end my turn because by me walking away like that, I conceded that turn.

What do you guys and gals think?

I think the second rolling was too harsh on yourself. You had no reason to drain that ball


Yes. The pinball gods then decide whether to play on or not.


The world of playfield validation is your oyster - bask in all its glory.


And here’s the tutorial on validation basking


It’s funny cause what happened to me Saturday happens all the time and it’s 100% why I short plunge at all times. I just forget almost every time it happens because it’s usually late in a ball and your mind is never in a place where you’re thinking you should get your ball back.

GoT has another key reason to short plunge: All timers stop until a switch is detected.

If you lock a ball with high combo multipliers, or within a mode, or while WiC hurryup - short plunge keeps it all stopped until you hit a switch.


Oh yeah. One of my favorite sequences: start as house stark. Get 2-3x pf running, light lock, get the hurry up going on right ramp, lock ball. Short plunge, catch on right flipper. Shoot right ramp for a full value hurry up collect multiplied by as much as possible. Gotten 100-150 million from this before.

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