Ruling: Major malfunction during There’s No Place Like Home on WOZ


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“Tournament directors may allow the player to play ball 3 or 5 of the new game, if that player has been denied certain features that are freely awarded by the machine. Examples of this include ‘Double Bonus’ balls on many EM machines, as well as pity Mist Multiball on Dracula should the player have not yet played one. The player’s total score on the additional ball of play will be added to his or her previous score, and the new game will be terminated. Tournament directors may attempt to re-establish the state of certain game features at the time of the Major Malfunction if the tournament directors feel this has a material impact on the results of the game/match in play. An example would include reaching Super Bonus on Bally games that carry this forward for future balls.”

Super Bonus is included in both the IFPAPA unified ruleset and the PAPA WC rules as an explicit example.


In 5.2 “The TGP only considers games of 3 or more balls in the game count, with the exception of the Pin-Golf format where players can possibly hit their target score in fewer than 3 balls. 1 ball games or any timed games will not be included in the TGP calculation.”

In 5.3 “The TGP will now include games played that are fewer than 3 balls, including timed formats where players are attempting to reach a score or objective as quickly as possible. Any game where it’s possible for the player to finish on the first ball in play, will be calculated at 33% value for TGP purposes.”

Last year I read that as 33% of a game for BTC and Safecracker.


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I’m just speaking to what was done at PAPA and Pinburgh here. The word “may” is used throughout this. Since these rules allow flexibility, for Pinburgh we make an explicit decision and follow it every time, rather than make a discretionary decision in each case.

The explicit decision for Pinburgh 2017 was not to re-establish any game state, other than to set the machine for ball 3 or 5 if the features were denied. On many machines, super bonus is disabled to avoid these issues.

I will bring this to the attention of the TD team to verify what was done in 2017 and what should be done in 2018.


Under what circumstances would you do this. For premature EOB the superbonus was already counted once, it you also get it on the compensation ball it is double counting.


I personally would never see offering Super Bonus as compensation anyways. How is it different from any other reset of game state? If I have a major malfunction with LITZ lit are you going to set it back up for me? The entire idea seems ridiculous.


Player 1 has 168,000 on Paragon after ball 3 is done.

Player 2 has 150,000 on Paragon with the 20K Super Bonus locked in for the final ball.

Player 2 walks up to play his last ball, and a power surge causes the entire location to brown out. Game comes back up and it’s 168,000 on display 1, 150,000 on display 2, game is obviously over.

Our ruling is “Player 2 wins” in this situation as we would put their ball 3 back with the 20K Super Bonus locked in, they could plunge and walk off.

This is in the spirit of we’re in the final match of a Major, and we’re not costing Player 2 his championship because of this brown out.

This does require a TD to be recording the match live and noting the Super Bonus level was achieved (or some actual visual evidence that it was achieved). No verbal “I was at 40K for Super Bonus” would trigger this.

YMMV on this if you’re a TD. Like Bowen said, the paragraph uses “may” so really it’s complete TD discretion here.



Yet more reasons why the rule against recreating state is pure crap… All the exceptions just help confirm it.


Sooo… you want the rule to always recreate state, then?

Here’s the phrasing from the PAPA website about how and why this rule was added (via

“Verbiage that game state “may” be reinstated after a malfunction has been inserted in order to give other directors the choice of how they would like to proceed in their own venues. This word choice was a compromise between PAPA and IFPA and allows both organizations to continue using and promoting the same set of rules. Please note that this verbiage change still allows directors the choice of not compensating for lost game state, which is how the issue will continue to be handled, as usual, at the PAPA World Championships.”

For PAPA and Pinburgh, all these exceptions are ignored. The only variance is that if a player gets malfunction’d out of a ball with a special feature, the game is set to that ball.


Unless that special feature has already been utilized, right?


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Yes, this is what the rule says.