Ruling discussion: SST ball missing

I thought interesting situation during SST at the CNEPC yesterday. Mostly it is a lesson for TDs to disable you interlocks and turn off chase balls. But that asside, I am curious what others would have ruled. 2 things happened.

Player 1 had a ball fail to launch in multiball. And when he drained, the game went into ball search. It eventually sent a chase ball and the player craddled up. The ruling was made to play on.

Later during P2 ball, they were playing multiball and when they has 2 balls left, the game ended multiball because it was acting as if one ball was missing. TD tried to open the game to remove one of the balls, but interlocks were not disabled. Ruling was a compensation ball.

It would be best to not get into this situation, but how would you rule?

I agree. Interesting he drained both balls nearly at the same time, avoiding being in multi-ball with only one ball in play. I think it’s likely he would have had to let his second ball drain anyway to get out of Orbit multi-ball.
“Any malfunction that results in the loss of one or more balls during multiball play, without losing all balls so as to end the player’s turn, will only be considered a minor malfunction.”

I would have had the player drain one of the two balls and play on. If it ended his ball he would get a compensation ball.


Similar thing happened to me in GOTG. Cherry Bomb ended but the last ball didn’t carry itself down into the ball trough.

No ball in shooter lane.

I call for help and just as someone arrives, Ball Recovery puts a ball into the shooter lane after a few ball searches.

Play on but shortly thereafter, the ball in the outhole area rolls into the trough and ends the ball. I got a compensation ball.

Best case would be to not have Ball Recovery on. Next best thing (in retrospect) would been to remove the ball in the outhole area from the game entirely and play on.