Rules on remote high scores...

I’ve Been getting more into the other end of arcade competition… Twin galaxies. I know there are many issues with remote score submission but I thought it might be fun to try some scenarios out. I know there was a maybe walking dead or turtles or something challenge a while back. I can’t find those rules. Any ideas? Did you do that @pinwizj ?

I figure I set ground rules like continuous take that shows tilt bob, level, settings(maybe factory reset?), and a quick scan of the pf to make sure its set to open / closed outlanes and no major shot mods. I’d also say you need two continuous cameras. One for dmd/alphanum/LCD/reels/mind-meld.

Again I acknowledge shortcomings but open to suggestion.

It won’t be as good as heads up but its an option to grow competition.


i would put zero point zero zero zero zero zero stock in comparing scores between two different pins, no matter how much honest work was done to make them play “the same”.

just my opinion.


I agree. And I feel for official IFPA, PAPA, Circuit, etc etc that is the way to go. I was just hoping to open things up a little. I totally agree that apples to apples is nigh impossible. But better something than nothing. I figure let it get big, hahah yeah right, and then fix problems that come up. Can’t live in fear of something not working until you try it.

All that said, I feel that community won’t really latch on so probably the end of the line, ha.

also pro vs LE of the same game needs to be on it’s own.

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It’s great for casual/fun tournaments but it’s not practical to compare scores between different instances of a game.

Laura Fraley did a great job with the Quarantopia Selfie Tournament last year, but you were just on your honor to set up your machines according to the tournament rules, there was no way to verify it.

Opening things up is great! So I totally encourage you to try it. Just make sure the stakes are low so people don’t get as bent out of shape about losing.

A possible way to run it would be for everyone to submit a baseline score and then try to beat it on the same exact machine. Most improvement wins.

Then again, I know my scores on my home JJPirates improved a lot after one of the switches started malfunctioning, and there’s so much chaos in that game I didn’t notice it for more than a week. :smiley: