Rubber feet for CAX

That’s exactly what I was thinking. This rule is horeshit and short sighted imo. With this rule you would be actively encouraged to get the feet “really close” to coming off the rubber to try and get your opponant dq’d.

I would much rather play out my ball with a leg off a rubber pad than to play out a ball where any nudge will get ME dq’d because the asshat before me set me up teetering on the edge - intentional or not.

I certainly plan on asking the TD to put the leg back into place before I play if it is hanging off the edge outside the foot.

While this wouldn’t be a DQ for the previous player, I would imagine that’s well within the rights to ask of the TD.

Also anyone that is picking up the game to strategically place it just outside the center of the foot without touching the ground will be ejected from any tournament I host if I see it happen. It’s not easy to jerk the game hard enough to dislodge it without risking it touching the ground, so YMMV for any player wishing to elegantly try and pull that off.

Greg will have to let us know how it went at CAX. That’s a pretty good real world test leading into Pinburgh IMO.

Are there really tourney players that are that big of a db to set the game so that their opponent would DQ like that? sad.


Yeah, I think that would be an issue if the competitive aspect of the hobby grew to be twice the size. Otherwise the level of sportsmanship seems very admirable.

CAX has carpet. If Pinburgh is on concrete, I’m not sure CAX is a good test. Maybe Mark and the guys should do some shove testing before Pinburgh.

I get adding them for concrete. Adding them just for the cameras I don’t get. We already have to put up with superbands, silicone rings and way too bright LEDs. This is one more thing affecting gameplay that has nothing to do with gameplay (on carpet).

I would also argue that games without feet are more entertaining to watch than games that are locked in place. Robert Gagno and others were shoving the hell out of a game that lost its tilt bob recently. That was fun to watch. It was an extreme case, but you get the idea. Rigid games aren’t as entertaining as games that can be moved.

For what it’s worth I forgot that the games at CAX had rubber feet until I cam home and saw this thread again.

Great playing, Andreas.

Seems like if space is an issue and games are packed close together rubber feet would be a good solution to avoid a player moving a game into someones game but, if there is space between games why use the feet at all? at 46:45 is sort of what I had in mind but, I could see someone making a more extreme move too. Just looks like the game gets tweaked way more than if the feet weren’t there.

I’m blaming my 1pt score on Trio on the rubber feet :slight_smile: seriously though I didn’t notice the feet (except when I purposefully looked at the start of the tourney) and no one I talked to really mentioned them. I did have some times when I tried a hard shove to save a ball and tilted but I attributed that to the save attempt more than anything. I think maybe for more elite players it might be something they notice? it was a non-issue from my perspective though

For the record, I would have appreciated rubber feet on the machines at the Canadian Pinball Championships a few weeks back, with the exception of Whitewater on day 1 with its super loose tilt (that I GC’d).

Tilty McTilterson

The feet worked fine all weekend and I heard zero comments good or bad from players.


At The Sanctum we have decided to put rubber feet on all 30 games. And just the front feet to be honest. We are on concrete floors and even with tight tilts the games were all out of wack by the end of the day and not even close to being in line anymore. With a tight tilt on a smoother floor a Welles scutes slide save will only get you a warning. Even moving it 6" or more.

Since the switch to the rubber no one has complained. Games still get slid to a point. You can still get a slide save off when needed and there is no chance of the leg coming out of the rubber foot unless you pick the machine up in the proces of aggressively shoving it.

Heck I can still consistently pull off death saves on many of the games with rubber feet. It’s not the big issue I think some of you are expecting it to be.