Rollercoaster Tycoon Strategy?

Is there a good way to play this? I feel like I’m missing a solid grasp of the rules, so if anyone’s super familiar with this game I’d love to know some tips!

Also, what exactly is the Scrambled Eggs supposed to be doing, mechanically? The machine I play on spends most of its time with the rubber blocking the entrance, and when you do get it in there it doesn’t really do much besides tilt over to the ball out (and therefore block the entrance again). I feel like it’s meant to be spinning more freely, maybe?

Also x2: unrelated, but is the TV scoop on World Cup Soccer supposed to be incredibly hard to hit?

Start modes, time them out, repeat. The modes are basically all worthless, but you can shoot around a bit during power ride. The wizard mode is worth more points than everything else in the game by a lot. You can shoot ramps to light the multiball if you like, it’s not that hard and worth a few points.

The scrambled eggs should spin quite freely (think the Lamp on totan or the stupid cube on Avengers). On the other hand, you should never shoot it except when lit for an unavoidable jackpot in multiball or wizard mode.

And unrelated question: yes.

I kinda figured about skipping modes. How do you relight the mode start? Is that just hitting the F U N targets, or is that something else? And good to know about the Scrambled Eggs (I wonder if that makes any sense at all for people who haven’t played the actual videogame).

Also, I’m glad the WCS hole is supposed to be hard because sometimes I feel like a doofus scrambling the ball around trying to get it in there.

isn’t the wizard more worth a lot less (Like FG/Shrek) if you just time out the mode?

Mode start relight is a setting. On the location RCTs I’ve played, they’ve all defaulted to ‘relight automatically’ for the first lap around the game when the previous mode ends, though you wind up shooting the drops to get around behind the Maintenance man.

@hisokajp Sure is. Still worth more than anything else in the game.

Modes are re-lit via the center ramp. Think TAF ramp, chair. Well except you only get one mode at a time :frowning:

The wizard mode Jackpot value is based on the number of guests you have x 100. So playing some of the modes will give you more guests = more jackpot value. But you can also get guests from normal shots.

Gave it a go today and yeah, waiting it out seemed to work the best. This table’s kind of a bummer! So much playfield potential but the ruleset is so wimpy.

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The modes just don’t score enough points, and nothing stacks. It’s a sad waste of a fun-shooting playfield. I think if you set the software right the balance stuff can get fixed, but blech.