Road Show is next - any bugs?

Put an option in there for no ball saves, ever. That’s kind of what the competition should be anyway.

If the souvenirs are randomized make it not random… if it’s already like that in competition, no need to change it.

The other random thing I recall is the ‘big cheeseburger’ award - it’s not really random but it is something that changes. Make it static (maybe settable… 5 red hits=cheeseburger, etc.)

Personally I am pro ball saver in competion play. Generally speaking, of course the when and how long has to be balanced. An example of one I believe should not be there is on the Scared Stiff multiball extends.

The 3-switch thing works as is on this game…

I remember seeing a bug during super payday where the display kept saying that it was awarding 0 points. I think it was in two player game as well.

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:+1: I am aware of this. I believe it by mistake is handing payday bonus for unplayed cities. Gonna be fun digging into what that is about.

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Put alot of games in on my local roadshow last night and was hoping to narrow the confusion about the mystery ball saves.

I got three over the course of the evening. All left outlane, two of three occured when special was lit. Maybe nothing, thought it was interesting though.

Thanks a lot. Appreciated. One wonders, if this is by design. Left outlane. Indiana Jones.

Are you having the L-6 on there?

Not sure what you mean by “the L-6”

The software version. On boot-up/enter menu, does it say Rev. L-6.

Not sure. Ill flip it off and on later tonight and let ya know. Its a public machine.



I am pretty sure many of the balls saves I’ve seen are related to the small orange target above the left inlane/outlane. I have certainly seen this occur : left sling -> right sling -> orange target -> outlane -> ball save (in fact, I called it during league recently)

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I got it.

The hidden ball saver you have been reporting is a compensation for left ramp return balls moon walking to the left outlane. It is in the order of 4 sec long. And it is disabled once a ball saver has been granted, current ball-in-play.

Clearly in the game by design. And will of course stay in. Thanks.