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Hello! I am here to share the very first episode of a brand-new pinball podcast!

This addition to the absolute smorgasbord of podcasts already serving the pinball community comes from the perspectives of two women in the hobby who looked at the long list of podcasts out there and, through meticulous calculations, concluded that there might be room for a few more female voices to join the fray. We will be covering anything and everything in the world of pinball, talking with the people of pinball, and trying to keep a finger on the pulse of the growing presence of women in pinball…there may be some light traditional sports talk and a tangent here and there, as one might expect.

We’re looking forward to adding our voices to the pinball hobbyist chorus, and we hope you’ll join us!

Episode 0 - #heresthesode

Podcast Link:
Episode Link:

Show Notes:

  • Introductions! The hosts interview each other!
  • Pinball Glass feat. our first podcast shoutout!
  • Steph’s Week in Pinball feat. our second podcast shoutout!
  • Krystle’s Week in Pinball feat. our third podcast shoutout?!
  • Krystle’s Collection
  • SPORTSBALL! 4/22 Edition
  • Steph’s Collection
  • Questions? Comments? Want to Be Interviewed? Contact Us At:

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Awesome can’t wait to listen! Great to have some more female representation! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Good first show. I listened to it on the way to work and through my lunch break.


Yeah!!! Well done!


Episode 1 - The TWIPY in Our Hearts

Podcast Link:
Episode Link:

The second-first episode is here! Join Krystle and Steph as they work their way through doing an “actual” podcast episode! Steph also resolves to take less than a week to edit next time…also, to get her own Seawitch sounds.

Show Notes:

  • This News in Newsball
  • Our Week? Fortnight? In Pinball (Allentown/Iron Maiden Launch)
  • Letterball
  • Shoutball
  • Sportsball 5/8/18 Edition


Facebook: Rip Tide Pinball Podcast
Twitter: @riptidepodcast