Ridiculous things that happen in pinball

I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the most ridiculous/ epic things that happened to me while playing was when I broke Mick on a Stick on a TRS. The first games went out the door with Mick’s plastic having no solid backing. That close to the flippers, it was a recipe for disaster. Broken Mick reports skyrocketed online.

Then it happened to me while playing on location. After strutting around the playfield, Mick was standing there right in the middle of the playfield. Just asking for it. So I hit him with a solid shot and BAM, his upper body separated from his lower body. The upper half of Mick went flipping and flying backwards and ended up at the top of the playfield. Most satisfying shot ever. Stern quickly came out with a metal backing for Mick and sent it out free. It was fun while it lasted.


This is one of my favorite things written on Tilt Forums.

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On AFM I had a ball head toward my flipper that I tried to flip away, but the ball must have been bouncing and only caught the top of the flipper. It went straight up into the glass, and was “below” the flipper. Managed to get the flipper back down in time to keep the ball in play.

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I once shot a third lock on TSPP which ended up airballing the entire length of the playfield to land right in the drain. Nothing but net.


A couple hard things to do here, but the upper right flipper trap is a more possible and helpful move on quite a few Pat Lawlor games. And legal too in competition!


Also legal, I believe:

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Last night during a game of BSD, a league player started pity Mist, hit the ball on the magnet so hard that it went up and around the right ramp while the ball he hit it with it took its place on the magnet. This all happened so fast and seamlessly that it looked like one ball went right through the other.


I always try to look at the positive things in life so I can never ever ever be upset with PAPA’s personal Iron Man they have in their collection (#humblebrag)…but this one stung considering the stakes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylSY_jQUjs0&feature=youtu.be&t=24486


Gross one, Zach

Reminds me of this @Adam moment with the opposite result (57:50)


something that is i think “known” to sometimes happen on Black Hole – on mine it happens about 1 out of 100 times: The player goes to the lower playfield, but fails to open the Re-entry Gate (by knocking down a set of drop targets). This is supposed to result in the ball shooting up the Re-entry Tube on the right side, and out the right outlane into the drain. But every once in a while, it shoots up the tube with enough velocity to careen all the way across the area behind the flippers against the apron, and back into play through the left side near the pop bumper. (i’ve also heard some people say it can pop back into play between the flippers, but mine doesn’t seem to do that).

It’s a wonderful feeling when it happens, because it immediately reverses the EXTREME frustration of the lower playfield punishing you with a drain. (love that design, by the way).

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Actually the Black Hole at PAPA used to do that. We saw it happen at Pinburgh to one player and so when I later played it I held up the left flipper (a la death saves) and it popped itself up when it was shot from downstairs